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You might know him as Clay from “13 Reasons Why,” but Dylan Minnette does more than just act — he’s in a band called Wallows.

Wallows is a youthful indie rock band comprised of Cole Preston (drums and backup vocals), Dylan Minnette (guitar and lead vocals) and Braeden Lemasters (guitar and lead vocals). The California-based trio have been together as a band since childhood but began playing under the name ‘Wallows’ in 2017, with the release of their single “Pleaser.” Since then, they have become an instant hit after releasing their debut album, “Nothing Happens,” in spring 2019.

Starting off in 2017 with a new name, the boys released four impressive singles that truly showed off their versatility. “Pleaser” and “Pulling Leaves Off Trees” make listeners want to jump around and bang their head up and down. “Sun Tan,” a fan favorite, is a track with a great storyline that might just have you screaming the lyrics. The final track, “Uncomfortable”, is one of the band’s more vulnerable pieces and features a memorable guitar riff.

Following the huge success of these singles, Wallows released the “Spring EP” in 2018. This EP comprised of six tracks yet again showed the range the band has. “Pictures of Girls” and “It’s Only Right” will make you wish you were dancing in the California sun, while “Let the Sun In” and “1980’s Horror Film” carry influences from The Beatles. All of the songs are enjoyable and great to vibe out to thanks to the catchy riffs and endearing lyrics.

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Their debut album “Nothing Happens” is a concept-based album all about the struggles of growing up. This is the perfect type of album to play in your car rides with the windows down in the summertime. The record is a blend of feel-good indie-pop with songs like “Remember When,” “Ice Cold Pool,” and “Only Friend,” alongside alternative rock hits like “I’m Full,” “Treacherous Doctor,” and “What You Like.” Wallows also collaborated with Clario on the nostalgic track, “Are You Bored Yet.” There are many other tracks on this album that deserve to be heard as they are full of so much emotion, energy and unique sounds.

One of the biggest aspects of Wallows as a band is how it communicates such relatable messages in each of their songs. The trio is amazing at capturing the confusion and frustration of becoming an adult and finding your place in the world. They write all of their songs themselves, so each and every track feels so real and personal.

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Wallows just finished up a smaller U.S. tour and is eventually going on a world tour beginning in April; the band also has many festivals lined up to play in the summer. Every Wallows concert is electric and wild — don’t be surprised if a mosh pit breaks out at a show! The band members do a great job of interacting with the crowd and playing off the energy of the room. Along with playful crowd interaction, the boys have created a unique relationship with their fans where, for some, it feels like a friendship. They meet fans after shows, interact with them on social media, and more.

An amazing thing that Wallows has incorporated at recent shows is the decision to pair with a local shelter or organization of the city they are playing in to collect donations from fans before entering the concert. Prior to each of the shows on this current tour, the Wallows Instagram account shares the information of the shelter or organization and what donations are needed; this act of kindness truly represents what the band stands for.

Photo posted by @wallowsmusic on Twitter

If you have the chance to see Wallows perform on tour this summer, do it — it’s bound to be an unforgettable, electric show! The band is playing in Philadelphia on May 6th at Union Transfer.


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