Do Your Taste Buds A F(l)avor: 7 Food Combos You MUST Try

Photo by Jennifer Meyers

Everyday we thank the person who decided to put together peanut butter and jelly on a sandwich for the first time because they discovered an infamous food combo that would forever go down in yummy lunch food history. Peanut butter and jelly compliment each other perfectly, it is a combination that can never go wrong. And over time through trial and error, people have discovered a lot of other foods that seem to have been created just so they can end up together in harmony (ex: milk and cereal, cheese and hamburgers, spaghetti and meatballs). But there are still an infinite about of food combinations out there that are waiting to be discovered. You might be a little hesitant about mixing together seemingly unfamiliar foods, but your taste buds will happily thank you for your bravery. Step out of your PB +J comfort zone and give these food combinations a try.

Peanut Butter and Sweet Potatoes

This combination is a perfect post- workout snack packed with protein and carbs. The heat of the sweet potatoes melts the peanut butter on top creating a heavenly boat of sweet and nutty flavors. A dash of cinnamon can also take this combo to a whole new level.

Egg Whites and Oatmeal (pictured above with blueberries)

Forget cooking oatmeal with your regular options like water or milk, because once you use egg whites you won’t turn back. Not only do the egg whites add extra grams of protein, but they make your oats big and fluffy in the bowl. After adding your favorite toppings, you might as well be eating raw oatmeal cookie dough batter for breakfast.

Jalapeños and Strawberries

Salsa use to be all about the tomatoes but now people are getting a little bit more daring with their favorite game day condiment. Using strawberries and jalapeños as the main ingredients of your homemade salsa will leave you with a super delicious sweet, spicy and tangy mixture that you won’t be able to get out of your dreams.

Avocado and Chocolate

Avocado is an increasingly popular food that people are using in all different ways. Avocado goes great with eggs, salads, burgers, toast and now, chocolate. An avocado, chocolate combination along with a few other add-ins can leave you with delicious desserts like chocolate avocado pudding, mouse, cookies, icing, muffins, etc, or with a rich, creamy, chocolately milkshake. The best part is you get to indulge and be healthy too.

Cinnamon and Chickpeas

Cinnamon is a great spice to play around with because it can be used with both sweet and savory flavors and it is also packed with health benefits. Instead of just eating it on your toast and Cinnabuns, sprinkle it on top of chickpeas and roast them in the oven. This combo makes for a perfect crunchy snack or add in to your salads.

Apples and Tuna

Tuna is one of those foods you eat when you run out of everything else in your kitchen, but once you add apples into the mix, this combo will be one of your go to favorites. Chop up your apple and mix the pieces into your tuna salad or slice the apple into sliders and scoop up your tuna from a bowl. Either way the sweetness and crunchiness of the apple will add a fresh and tasty flavor to your canned tuna you never knew was possible.

Honey and Carrots

Carrots and ranch and carrots and hummus are great go to combos when you’re hungry for a quick and easy snack. But after you glaze your carrots with honey for the first time, you’ll never purchase a bottle of ranch again. Boil your carrots until they are tender and then coat them in your honey (you can add brown sugar and lemon juice for extra flavor). This combination of sweetness will change your mind about what a vegetable should taste like forever.


There’s a big world of flavors and food out there. Give these combinations a try and don’t be scared to mix other foods together and try something new. Be the PB+J person. Blaze the trail for future culinary endeavors. Make your own food discoveries.

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