The Secret to Smooth Summer Skin

Photo by Kate Perkins

As the summer heats up, we tend to wear less clothes. Whether you’re trying to beat the heat in a backless dress or stay cool in a crop top, your best hot weather accessory is healthy glowing skin. While being out in the sun may give you a tan, sunburns and sweat can build up and leave your skin looking dull and damaged. Nothing revives your skin quicker than a good scrub.

Besides refreshing your complexion, this homemade scrub keeps you touchably soft longer than regular shaving or waxing alone. Plus, it’s made from simple ingredients you probably already have in the kitchen.

The recipe is easy: two parts sugar, one part oil. The trick is how you use this homemade sugar scrub to rejuvenate your skin and stay smooth all summer long.

How to Make

Stir half a cup of oil into one cup of sugar. Opt for a plain oil like canola or coconut. As for sugar, stick to the white variety as it tends to clump less.

Once your sugar scrub base is made, incorporate some personal touches like a few drops of essential oil or food coloring. We love vanilla extract for a scrub that smells like fresh baked cookies. Lavender oil and rose petals work great as well.

How to Apply

1. First, take a warm shower or bath.

2. Wash and shave as you normally would, and once you’re clean, turn off the water and grab your scrub.

3. Rub all over your legs, arms, and even your lips, making sure to avoid more sensitive areas.

4. Once you feel exfoliated, rinse off the remaining sugar scrub and pick up a disposable razor.

5. This step is key: lightly shave wherever you applied the scrub to remove any remaining dead skin cells.

6. Rinse again, gently buff dry and apply lotion.

7. Say hello to your new irresistibly soft skin!


This can also be used once the weather gets colder to combat dry, irritable winter skin! Enjoy.