Do Something Different This Weekend

Both Homecoming and Parent’s Weekend have come and gone, but it still seems like every weekend there’s another guest visiting your and your friends. It’s often a question of “what should we do this weekend?” for both us and our Penn State-curious-visitors. While you always have the classic options of eating downtown at The Corner Room or satisfying that sweet tooth at The Creamery, there are plenty of hidden adventures in and around State College.

We decided to ask around and dig up the secrets of what students, families and alumni are doing to switch up their typical visit to Penn State.

“American Ale House is about 10 minutes outside of town. They have great burgers and it’s sort of hidden in the woods outside of town so my family and I like to get away and get a good bite to eat!” says Ali Moore, a junior.

But new restaurants aren’t the only things to try here. There are also numerous venues that offer good, affordable artistic performances, and most of us don’t even realize these spots exist.

Thomas McCall, a senior, says, “I know that there’s always some popular shows that the Center for Performing Arts Center has each year, so I like to check the website for the upcoming events. It’s fairly cheap tickets for top entertainment.”

Some other often- forgotten places include the State Theater, where popular classic movies like Animal House and Old School are shown, or What-A-Blast, the laser tag arena on 111 Sowers Street. “It’s a great activity for a big group of people, like a THON committee or club,” says junior Dan Levine about What-A-Blast.

Whether it’s doing a quick Google search or asking your townie pals for ideas, there’s plenty of non-typical, fun things to do in the area.

Photo by Shreel Parikh

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