VALLEY’s Tips For Balancing Relationships During a Depressive Episode

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When a depressive episode kicks in, it can be hard to balance the things you usually are able to on a normal day. Even the simplest of tasks like getting out of bed or eating a meal turn into a hassle. Not only is it difficult to take care of yourself during these times, but relationships become harder to balance.

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When a lack of motivation or the urge to isolate starts, relationships with friends or family are unfortunately harder to maintain. This also goes for your relationship with your partner. Not being able to reciprocate the care, quality time and love to them can create unfortunate tensions.

While it is extremely difficult to get out of these funks, there are ways to mend and balance your relationships even during the worst depressive episodes. Here are some tips to do this while also prioritizing yourself.

Put Yourself First 

Putting your needs first is the most important. If you feel like you need to step back from social interactions for your well being, that is completely valid. As long as you communicate your needs and wants to the people around you, then do what is best for you.

Talk Openly with Your Partner About Boundaries 

This also goes for family and friends, but especially with your partner. A talk about boundaries and wants is detrimental to a healthy relationship. This gives your partner an opportunity to express what they need as well. Both parties should be heard, so opening up this conversation is a valuable key.

Set Times 

Setting dates or goals to hang out with your friends or partner will motivate you to go out. You will be more likely to get in a routine if you plan for these hangouts ahead of time. These frequent planned hangouts will also help you maintain relationships and keep that bond alive.

Answer Your Phone

Keeping up with texts is really hard during a depressive episode, but responding to people is the best way to keep in touch. Texts can pile up easily and having too many to answer over time makes it like a chore. To prevent that, try responding right away. This will also keep the people in your life in the loop.

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Depressive episodes are inevitable and can make everyday life difficult to maneuver, but with these steps, your relationships will benefit from them while also helping you in the process.

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