Do-It-Yourself Beauty: Avocado-and-Honey Facial Mask

Not only can the remnants of stress leave us feeling overwhelmed and fatigued, it can also display itself on the outside — on our skin!

As college students, how we treat our skin and health can sometimes take a back seat to our busy course load and other miscellaneous activities. With finals and last-minute papers around the corner, the semester is drawing to a much-anticipated close. Many of us have been left to waddle in our very own sleep deprivation, anxiety, hair pulling, forehead rubbing and nail-biting stress! In the midst of that, we may not always have the time to obey our normal skin-care regimen, let alone indulge in luxurious spa-like practices.

But keeping our skin healthy and refreshed is just as important — if not even more — in stressful periods. Not only can stress worsen acne and other skin problems, it can also leave the skin dry and with a collection of dead skin cells.

So relax! Take a load off, do some deep breathing and show your skin a little extra attention with a reviving avocado-and-honey facial mask.

Let’s look at the pros: Avocadoes and eggs are excellent moisturizers because of their high fat content. Baking soda has an interesting softening effect on the skin. And with most of the other ingredients found not too far from a kitchen or the nearest supermarket, you’ll be sure to dive into finals feeling refreshed, revived and ready to go!

What You’ll Need:
1 egg
1/2 avocado
1 tsp. mayonnaise
1 tsp. honey
1 tsp. baking soda
2 drops orange essential oil

Puree the avocado, egg and mayonnaise in a blender, adding the honey and other ingredients as you go. These ingredients blend well together, so if you would like to beat them by hand instead that works just as well. Finish your mixture by adding the baking soda.

Note that this concoction does not have a very long shelf life and is best used all at once. Feel free to use the excess on your neck and chest area.

Whether you’d like to avocado-and-honey it up for before or after finals — or even both — you’ll be sure to leave your skin feeling healthy, soft and replenished!

Photo by Lindsay Lipovich

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