Active Campus: An introduction

The words “college” and “healthy” don’t exactly go hand in hand. Our four years of undergraduate studying are mostly associated with being broke (and eating fast food), drinking thousands of calories and over scheduling to the point of exhaustion — all impeding on our motivation (or time!) to get in a good workout. But for students who make a conscious effort, it’s pretty easy to combat that stereotype.

Even if you have a daily routine, the gym gets boring. Sometimes you’ll find yourself more interested in watching the timer tick down and the calories inch up than actually working out, which isn’t nearly as satisfying as an interesting and invigorating workout.

That’s why we’re searching campus high and low for the most innovative, exciting and totally doable ways to keep fit. And we’re taking it beyond a designated timeframe — whether it’s toning your tush on the way to class or attending a new club, we’re set on getting your heart pumping and sweat pouring.

Admittedly, I’m not a fitness guru or an expert athlete: I’m you. I’m just a girl determined to fight the odds. Calories and stress are two adversaries we’re all too familiar with — let’s combat both with exercise. Healthy living is all over campus, so stay tuned each week for a tidbit of fitness advice right here in University Park. Welcome!

Photo by Rhiannon Hedrick

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