DIY: T-shirt Rug

unnamed (6)Do you have way too many t-shirts to the point that you’re running out of places to put them? We all know Penn State gives out more free shirts than we know what to do with. Luckily for you, Valley has a new project to put those t-shirts to good use. This t-shirt rug will add color to any apartment or dorm and make it feel more like home.

What You Will Need:

Extra-large tshirt
T-shirts of varying colors (number depends on how big you’re making the rug—recommended 7-8)
Tweezers (they makes assembling the rug easier)

How To Make It:

unnamed (1)

1. Take your extra-large t shirt and cut it to any size and shape you desire. If you want to get fancy, you can sew together multiple shirts to make the rug bigger.

unnamed (2)

2. Starting 1″ away from the edge of the shirt, cut holes in the shirt that are ½” to ¾” apart. The holes should be big enough for you to fit two t-shirt strips into them. You can go horizontally or vertically. The shirt will look like one big peg board by the time you’re done.

unnamed (3)

3. Take the t-shirts you’ve gathered and cut them into 5” to 6” strips that are 1” to 1½” wide. It’s totally okay if the strips aren’t perfect! They don’t all have to be straight-edged or even exactly the same width. No one will be able to tell by the time you’re finished.

unnamed (4)

4. Now it’s time to start putting the rug together! Take a strip and feed it down through the first hole in the corner. Then, feed it back up through the second. Now, take a second strip and feed it down through the second hole and back up through the third. Continue doing this until you are finished (tip: put a movie on in the background because it will take a long time to do this step). You can follow a color pattern with your shirts if you want, or you can just wing it and make it abstract!

unnamed (5)

5. Lastly, you can take your scissors and trim your rug to eliminate any of those jagged pieces or ones that were cut way too long. It will make it look even and pretty.

The top and the bottom of the rug both look really cool, so it’s up to you which side you want to use! This t-shirt rug is a great and easy upcycling project that you can make in a day. Be sure to share it with your friends!

Photos by Sara Ware


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