Celebrate Mom Gilmore Girls Style

Gilmore-Girls-College-Advice-11“Gilmore Girls” was an iconic TV show that aired from 2000-2007. It was about a single mother named Lorelai raising her daughter Rory in a very small town called Stars Hollow. Lorelai and Rory were known for their freakishly close relationship and undeniable bond that made them more like best friends than mother and daughter. They were only 16 years apart and shared almost all of the same interests from movies to music, and especially their obsession with coffee.

Lorelai and Rory did almost everything together. There were times when Rory was at college and Lorelai couldn’t be there with her, but they still talked frequently. Many of us wish we could have a similar Lorelai-Rory type of relationship with our mothers, and vice versa. Even if you don’t have a relationship like theirs, it doesn’t mean you can’t spend time with them and still have fun.

Don’t forget Mother’s Day is on May 11 this year, so here are 11 “Gilmore Girls” -inspired ways to bond with your mother:

Exchange dating advice – This one isn’t always that easy, especially if your parents are still married. But you can still ask your mom some of her best dating tips and how she managed to find your dad. Take it from Lorelai, dating isn’t easy and another woman’s advice may just be the trick.

Make a box full of ex-boyfriends stuff

Again, this one may not be the easiest for your mom, but you can certainly get her help to make your own. No one should leave that stuff sitting around and you certainly don’t want to throw away the memories. Make a box and store it away somewhere.

Watch movies

Buy as much junk food and pizza as possible because a movie night isn’t complete without those essentials. Also, remember Lorelai’s rule: no talking during parts you haven’t seen in a while, and only talk during the scenes you didn’t talk through last time.

Friday night dinners at the grandparents’

Obviously, this is the best way to enhance your relationship. It is time set aside dedicated to talking and eating. Warning: dinner at the grandparents’ house can get ugly if you’re not in your happiest mood.

Go to a diner

It’s OK if it’s not Luke’s Diner; any diner will do. Sit down and order everything delicious off the menu. If there is a counter and no one is sitting at it, get a game of bagel hockey going. You might have to recruit a goalie, so ask a bus boy. Don’t forget to order large amounts of coffee in big cups.

Play racquetball

Or just sit on the court and talk to each other about everything that’s going on in life. A racquetball room is a great private space to have to yourselves. If you play, be careful you don’t smack the ball too hard because it might come back and hit you in the face.

Go on a road trip

Just pack up the car and go. Don’t have a destination and don’t use a map (unless you want to be like Rory). Drive the car on the open road and let it lead you. Hopefully you find nut huts to stop at because nuts are the best road snack.

Attend a Bangles concert

If you don’t like the Bangles, attend any concert. It’s not uncool to go see your favorite band with your mom.

Plan a surprise party for her

Be sure to order a pizza big enough to break the world record because that will make her feel really good. If you can’t get a place to make the pizza that big, just tell her it’s the world’s largest pizza.

Go backpacking through Europe

If you’re feeling adventurous and wild. Pack up a big backpack and fly to somewhere fun in Europe. Most importantly, stay in hostels, not hotels, to get the full European experience.

Watch Gilmore Girls

Of course, this is the best way to bond with your mom. There is nothing better than watching the show that inspired it all. You can pick up on a few other ways to bond and make your connection even stronger.

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