Dive Into Fashion With Neoprene

NeopreneFashion (NastyGal) -2Have you ever been scuba diving before or have plans to go this summer? You probably wore a wetsuit for this particular water activity…but have you ever paid close attention to what the wetsuit is made out of?

Neoprene is a huge up and coming trend that is predicted to be very popular for this fall, and fashion moguls can’t wait to get their hands on it. Neoprene is a tech fabric that is used to make wetsuits more flexible. First noted as being used by the O’Neill Company, which produces surf clothing, neoprene is now being used by designer powerhouses such as Alexander Wang, Stella McCartney, Gucci and Tibi.

Providing a whole new take on fashion, neoprene is the perfect fabric for the fall and winter months. It keeps you warm and insulated for when those temperatures start to drop, which we hope won’t be for another couple of months from now at this point. Aside from blocking out the cold, this fabric offers a great amount of flexibility, making it comfortable to actually wear on a daily basis.

If you’re looking to get ahead of the fashion curve with trying out this trend, you won’t find this at your typical clothing stores, at least not yet. After talking to an employer at a New York City based Italian boutique, Neoprene is a trend that has already hit Europe, but hasn’t fully made the journey to the U.S. As the U.S. is always behind the fashion curve, neoprene is slowly making its way to becoming a huge trend here in the U.S. for the upcoming seasons.

Just because you may not find neoprene in any stores around State College, doesn’t mean that you can’t get your hands on this trend right now. That’s what online shopping is for, right? Websites like ASOS and Zara offer a variety of neoprene clothing products, while Topshop has a very selective amount of choices, but we hope they get more by the time fall rolls around.

Be on the lookout for this trend to take off in the coming months, it will be the “it” trend for the fall and winter months.

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