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Screen+shot+2013-05-31+at+11.38.27+PMThis spring, the athletic trend is kicking it old school. Tommy Hilfiger, Marc Jacobs, Lacoste and Prada (the list goes on and on), have all inspired us to try out this sporty, athletic trend. From crop tops, to jersey dresses, to bomber jackets and tennis shoes, this trend offers endless opportunities to expand your style.

Gabby McDannel, an employer at Connections Clothing downtown as well as a fashion enthusiast, gave us the lowdown on how she feels about the athletic trend for this season.

“I’m not one who finds herself ever going to the gym or exercising at all…However, I have noticed the popular trend of athletic wear both on campus around me and on the runway for this spring,” McDannel says. “Bomber jackets, cargo/rain jackets and cute little canvas sneakers get my approval.”

Some fashion advice from McDannel?  “Maybe rock a cute tennis sweater, jumpsuit or pair vibrant shorts with a sleek blazer. Mixing all sorts of materials like satin, patents, mesh, or plastics catches my eye with this trend. The sportswear trend on the runway seems to either go 80’s workout with neons and blacks, or 50’s tennis player with pastels and whites.”

After hearing all the “do’s” for this trend, here are some of the “don’ts”…

“Girls on campus have gone this route with black leggings, neon sneakers and big t-shirts or tank. To this I say… please make sure your leggingsaren’t transparent,” McDannel says. “No one wants to see your crack. Also, why can’t we break out of this mold or at least spruce things up? I understand you want to be comfy, but slipping on a cute pair of overalls or even a loose-fitting dress can feel just as chill.”

So keep in mind, when you go sporty for spring, take into consideration the do’s and don’ts and make sure you’re stepping out in style this spring.

Photo credit: Currently Loving Blog

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