Cheers to the Lifted Bar Restrictions in PA

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This week Governor Wolf decided to lift the bans of bars in Pennsylvania. There is now 75% capacity, no last calls, and better yet no more having to buy unnecessary food to order drinks. This is BIG for Penn State students of age as before covid we were used to weekends filled with bar hopping and hoorah. There are still masks mandatory and staying six feet apart but hearing this news as a Penn State student means a lot. Bars like Champs, Pmans and Doggies are going to be popping again. Finally.

Bar Service at the restaurants

Since covid, restaurants in PA had the restriction of not being able to go up to bars to order drinks. As Penn State is a big school filled with students that are always looking forward to the weekends and constantly being able to meet new people when this got taken away it was hard for everyone to adjust. Now, with this restriction being lifted and be able to sit at the bar to order drinks, this greets new opportunities to meet new people. While being COVID safe of course.

No Alcoholic Curfew

As everyone knows, there was a curfew for when you were able to order drinks until, 10:45. Now with this restriction being lifted, bars will be opened later and PSU will feel like it is slowly going back to normal. This year, Penn State restaurants and bars introduced their students to Line Leap which is an app that you purchase tickets in order to get a seat at your favorite place for a certain time you want to go. All PSU students know the anxious rush the morning of waking up to get their Line Leaps since they sell out so quickly. Hopefully, now that bars are staying open later there will be more spots accessible to people purchasing.

Indoor Capacity Raised

Restaurants in PA raised their capacity from 50% to now 75% for indoor dining. Now being able to go up to the bar and being surrounded by more people will feel like life is slowly going back to normal even though there is still a requirement of staying six feet apart. Danielle Tuntigian, a junior at Penn State said, “I am looking forward to going to the bars knowing I can stay out later and it being a step in the right direction of things going back to normal at Penn State. Hopefully, by my senior year, it will be 100% capacity.”

Although these restrictions are being lifted it is still important to be COVID safe. Tweet us @ VALLEYmag with your thoughts on these restrictions being lifted.


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