Staying in State College Post-Spring Semester?

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Life happens. Often times our young adult lives can lead to twists and turns- so If you’re not exactly in a position to return to your hometown for summer vacation after this spring semester ends, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Luckily, State College in the summer has endless opportunities for fun in the sun.

Bald Eagle State Park has a plethora of great activities, but the park’s most popular spot is the lake. Whether it’s renting a boat with friends, sitting lakeside catching rays on the sand while reading a book, or taking a swim in the water overlooking the mountains, Bald Eagle is a great place to unwind. 

Photo from Find Your Chesapeake

If you’re more of a “pool over beach/lake” person, the Mayor Welch Memorial Pool is perfect for you. With huge water slides and an Olympic-sized pool with lanes, the pool is a great place to take part in your favorite summer pastime. 

For those 21 and older, there are at least three great options for a local scenic winery in the State College area. At either the Happy Valley Vineyard and Winery, Mount Nittany Vineyard and Winery, or the University Wine Company, you can relax, embrace your classiest self while tasting local wine, and enjoy the ambiance of the mountainside in the summertime. 

Photo from Mount Nittany Vineyard and Winery

Tussey Mountain in the winter is a great spot for skiing, but in the summer, there’s fishing, Go-Karting, Mini Golf, a driving range, a skate park, and batting cages. It could even be your new picnic spot if you’re looking to switch it up from Old Main or the Arboretum. 

Happy Valley Culinary Week is a great time to unleash your inner foodie this June. For seven days, local chefs offer exciting new menu options using locally sourced foods. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the chefs have provided you their recipes for you to try at home! We all could use a couple more recipes under our belt to make while we’re at school in the fall, so you’d be getting a head start. 

If you’re feeling somewhat lonely and are looking to grow your friendships in State College this summer, don’t hesitate to reach out to people you know are sticking around. For all you know they could be in the exact same position as you (making the most out of the summer while trying new things, that is).

Bumble is also a great tool for getting to know people both romantically and platonically. Not many people are aware of Bumble’s “Friends” feature, in which you can scroll left and right to view profiles of potential friends in State College. 

Think about it this way: you have so much time on your hands and it’s all your own. You, and only you, decide how you will be spending your time. Save up for that vacation you’ve always wanted to go on by taking on a part-time job downtown. Since most students will be returning home, many places are hiring!

Take on a new hobby you’ve always wanted to try. Read that book, learn to play guitar, learn how to cook something new the possibilities truly are endless. If what you’re looking for isn’t right in front of you, whatever it may be, make it happen! Nothing’s stopping you. Here’s to your greatest summer yet in Happy Valley! 



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