Casual Couture: Sneaker Style on the Rise

Zucker_sneakerstyle1The sneaker style is on the rise. Karl Lagerfeld solidified the trend by sending his models down Chanel’s Spring 2014 Couture runway wearing kicks. He paired white athletic sneakers with everyday outfits. This trend can be easily copied and adapted to fit your personal style.

“My favorite way to wear sneakers is with shorts and counter that with an oversized top,” says Meghan Pyle, manager at Urban Outfitters.

Wearing a bigger top brings balance to a smaller bottom. Try pairing an oversized tee with cut-off jean shorts and Chuck Taylors. This look is fun and flirty on top but edgy on the bottom. You can get some actual use out of your go-to daylong shoes with this ensemble.

Any style of converse shoe also goes perfectly with a lose-fitting dress. This outfit enables you to pull off that same duality of flirty and edgy. Converse has got you covered for spring with an entire new line of pastel colored and graphic lace-ups. While the temperatures are still cold, pull on a pair of black tights to keep your legs warm.

“Wedge sneakers started as a trend and have become a staple,” says Pyle.

Celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Vanessa Hudgens are notorious for rocking the sneaker wedges. Though it is a slightly bizarre concept, heeled sneakers are an incredibly comfortable and sexy shoe. Sneaker wedges add length to your legs while simultaneously keeping your outfit casual. Pyle recommends throwing the wedges on with a pair of skinny jeans. This outfit is suitable for both the classroom and bar scene.

Athletic brands like Nike and New Balance are adding lines to their collections that are meant purely for casual wear, not the gym. Let’s face it—most of us splurge on Nikes for the cool patterns and hot colors rather than the modest support they provide. They’re perfect for street style.

If the athletic style isn’t for you, look for safer sneakers like Keds or Vans. They are perfect for daytime style and can be worn year round. These simple slip-ons work with everything from jeans to dresses to shorts. Both Keds and Vans collaborate with designers and celebrities to create exotic and fun patterns. Everyone is sure to find a pair that fit their personal style.

Photo by Ashley Zucker 


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