Carrie Bradshaw Approved: SJP Partners with Fendi to Release Limited Edition Handbag

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From Manolo Blahniks to Cosmopolitans, Carrie Bradshaw’s eccentric tastes became hot commodities through “Sex and the City” — Fendi’s Baguette bag being no exception. If you are a true “SATC” fan, you must remember the iconic scene when despite being robbed at gunpoint, Carrie is sure to let the criminal know her purple, sequined Fendi is in fact not a bag, but a Baguette.

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 This clip, along with the building logomania craze in the late 90s, is attributed to turning a simple purse into a staple, which is still being worn by celebrities today.

The Many Appearances of the Fendi Baguette on “SATC”

Prior to its debut on the show, the bag had trouble picking up traction. Some complained it was too small, and others that it lacked the exclusive look of popular purses at the time, such as the Lady Dior and Birkin. However, all it took was Carrie, a fashion icon to the everyday woman and fashionista alike. And just like that… the obsession began.

In an interview with InStyle, Carrie’s stylist on the show explained how they were essentially creating her outfits around the bag, which had no shortage of different styles. The versatility of the baguette complemented Carrie’s unconventional and colorful style perfectly, suiting any look from day to night.

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The Baguette is Back

After a bit of hiatus, in 2019 Fendi re-released its baguette bag with a cameo in none other than “And Just Like That…”, the “Sex and the City” reboot series. Ms. Bradshaw donned the same purple-sequined bag as in the robbery scene, and fans went wild when she said her classic line with a wink.

Sarah Jessica Parker collaborated with Fendi in designing a limited-edition fuchsia-sequined baguette as pictured below in mid-February 2022. The bag sold out almost immediately following its launch date, retailing for $4,300.

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A loyal Fendi supporter, SJP recently attended their 25th anniversary fashion show in early September alongside Kim Kardashian, Kate Moss and Tommy Hilfiger. Her SJP X Fendi capsule opened the show with hues of hot pink (duh), and softer blues and greens. All of the purses in this collection were inscribed with “It’s not a bag, it’s a Baguette” to celebrate Carrie’s legacy in popularizing the bag.

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