Breaking It Down: “Save Your Tears” by The Weeknd

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It’s finally here— The Weeknd’s new video for “Save Your Tears,” a track from his fourth studio album, “After Hours.” It is the recent addition to his collective music video series, which includes the songs: “Heartless,” “Blinding Lights,” “Until I Bleed Out,” “After Hours (Short Film),” “In Your Eyes,” and“ Too Late.” 

These pieces cohesively come together to create a storyline about how Los Angeles has transformed The Weeknd into a monstrous person and showing how his ways have ultimately caused him and the people around him pain. 

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The story picks up at him performing for a room of lifeless people dressed up in party masks where he weaves throughout the tables, spraying champagne on guests and standing on top of tables. The catch is his face is completely changed. 

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Before the video debut, the 30-year-old Canadian singer created a buzz by posting on his Instagram a picture of his face with the prosthetics. People believed he got plastic surgery done since it appeared real and did not mention any reasoning behind it. 

This botched look was to portray how much work celebrities get done to show how plastic Hollywood makes some people become. Fans believe it was a correlation to his model ex-girlfriend, Bella Hadid who allegedly has had many facial reconstruction surgeries in the past. 

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The lyrics allude to his past relationships with Bella Hadid and singer Selena Gomez which made fans recognize the references made of the two within the video. 

“So, I made you think that I would always stay / I said some things that I should never say / Yeah, I broke your heart like someone did to mine / And now you won’t love me for a second time.”

These lyrics refer to how Selena Gomez hurt him when she got back with her ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber in October 2017. The pain caused him to ruin his next relationship, which was with Bella Hadid, for the second time.  

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Towards the end, the main girl appears in this video which has been said to specifically resemble Selena Gomez from her music video “Dance Again.”  It has also been noticed by fans that there is a slight whisper in the background at minute 2:03 as he walks over to the look-alike model and takes her hand to lead her to the stage.

He then proceeded to take a gun from his back, put it in the woman’s hand and force her to hold it up to his head—what a quick turn of events. In the end, he takes back the gun to fire it towards the crowd and it shoots out confetti.  

This ending demonstrates how terrifying and destructive he is when he gets out of control with the girl but seems to put the blame on her as he forces her to hold the gun.

The commotion his last music video brought him will continue as he is preparing to headline The Pepsi Super Bowl LV Halftime Show this year. It will be held at Raymond James Stadium on Feb. 7 in Tampa, Florida.

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