Boys Aren’t All Bad

Florio.GuysAren'tBad“Don’t worry, there are plenty of fish in the sea!”

This cliché is used every day by anyone who is trying to reassure their friend that there are boys who are better than the last. Of course, they respond to this phrase with an eye-roll and then continue sitting in their blob of sorrows watching Netflix and eating Nutella out of the jar with a spoon.

But ladies, this phrase might be stupid to you because you have never met a boy that made you think otherwise. You might be the type of girl that thinks every single boy in the world is a jerk, and every time you get out of another crappy relationship you just want to scream.

But, believe it or not, not all boys are bad. It’s a matter of finding the right boy for you.

Sophomore Adison Godfrey and junior Sami Waters say their boyfriends are proof that the male race is worthy enough to be on this earth with us women.

“Our personalities are good together and we have a lot of fun – we’re both weird and laid-back and have the same sense of humor,” says Godfrey about her boyfriend of two years, junior Matt Marzzacco.

Finding a boy to date goes beyond surface qualities, girls must be able to connect with them and get along with them on different levels, which of course is hard to admit to yourself when the beautiful guy with abs doesn’t want you back.

Along with other girls, Godfrey did put up with things a lot in relationships that she shouldn’t have, but she found a boy who treated her right.

Before junior Sami Waters met her boyfriend of five months, sophomore Andrew Bachman, she believed that all college guys wanted to do was hook up and move on.

“They feel like they don’t need to be nice or impress a girl they are not interested in,” says Waters.

And maybe that’s what us girls are forgetting most of the time when we are sulking over failed attempted relationships; that the boys have to be interested too.

Freshman Matt Arzenti doesn’t feel the need to impress girl at all he isn’t interested in. But when a girl catches his attention, he’s ready to swipe her off her feet.

“I’d take her out to dinner, buy a box of chocolates. I’d be myself at a higher level for her,” says Arzenti.

Freshman Michael Morgante explains that girls who  think all boys suck have been hanging out with the wrong type of guy.

“I’d treat my girl like a princess,” says Morgante

Girls, don’t forget boys have their perfect ideas of dates and relationships just like you do. Arzenti wants a girl who likes quading, jet skiing  and trips to the creamery and Morgante would love a gym date.

If these two ideas of romance don’t fit your liking, then that’s okay. But guys are eager to find girls who would enjoy their similar interests too.

So your relationship might have been horrible, he might have been mean, or didn’t care enough, but don’t give up hope on the male species just yet. Because he was not the one for you.

It hurts to feel rejected and to feel you aren’t worthy. But the fact is, one day you will find that perfect guy that will make you feel incredible. You just have to kiss a couple frogs until you find your prince.

Photo by Sam Florio


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