Summer Break Plans That Don’t Involve Finding an Internship

Florio.AbroadNewsfeed2Finding the perfect internship to boost your resume and make yourself more marketable for the impeding senior year job search seems like a must. As Penn State students, we are trained to apply for internships each summer in order to land a dream job right out of college. But passing up an internship for a different summer experience might not be the most devastating life choice. There are other ways to enhance your professional skills other than in an official apprenticeship.

Travel Abroad

There is no person more marketable than someone who is well rounded. Traveling outside of the United States provides you with a different perspective on the world. Awareness of a diverse range of cultural norms and customs offers a unique perspective on life. Hiring employers love to see that you stepped out of the ‘Merica comfort zone and into an unknown environment. Traveling shows that you are flexible, adventurous and adaptable. You can sign up for group travel journeys, enroll in study abroad classes or simply jet set on your own to get that abroad experience.

Work at a Local Shop 

You can still land a resume-boosting job even though you’re not an official, three-month, stipend-receiving intern. Getting experience at your local restaurant or clothing boutique still builds up marketable skills. Working at a small business gives you first-hand experience in business management. Communicating with customers, working on a schedule and managing daily activities are all useful tasks that will help you in the future. Furthermore, working a local job is guaranteed to pay, which will allow you to save up some cash.

Take Summer Classes 

Staying in State College through the summer is an awesome option. The campus shrinks exponentially creating a totally different Penn State vibe. Enroll in a couple of classes that will help your major or work towards a minor that you’ve been wanting to learn more about. Meanwhile, you can soak up rays by the Natatorium’s outdoor pool or enjoy the uncrowded State College bars. Attending Penn State as a small school gives you a different perspective than what you typically experience during the fall and spring semesters.

Find a Project

Summer is a great season to invest in a time-consuming project. Whether is be art project or service project, the warm whether entices you to stay outside and get creative. Find a cool task that you can talk about in interviews. Senior Human Resources graduate student, Gail Goochee volunteered at a non-profit organization. “Although the original job description didn’t apply to my major, I sought out certain projects that worked with my major,” said Goochee. She was able to apply volunteerism to her future career goals.

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