Bad Neighbors: It Could Be Worse

NoisyNeighbors.DanielleD'Angelo-2Neighbors can be good, or they can be really, really bad. We complain about our neighbors to everyone any chance we get because bad living situations are always the topic of a good conversation. But if you think you have bad neighbors because they blast too much Taylor Swift really late on weekends, here are five students’ stories that prove it could definitely be worse.

The Loud and Proud Neighbor

“I hear my neighbor and her boyfriend having sex. There’s a whole lot of screaming,” says sophomore Rachel Newell. Some people have no problem flaunting their eventful sex life so they don’t take into consideration that most of the walls around here are paper- thin. The screaming is not only awkward and uncomfortable, but also a horrible reminder of how single you are.

The Wanna Be Boy Band Neighbor

“The people who live above me in my apartment complex have an entire band. They play all day every day. They have the whole thing, a singer, drummer, guitar, and a bass! It wouldn’t be that bad if they weren’t absolutely horrible!” says Junior Stephanie Larar. A little music throughout the day can be relaxing and entertaining but if the results are loud banging and pitchy vocals, you better bet there is going to be some angry people knocking at your door telling you to shut up.

The Criminal Landlord Neighbor

“Sophomore year I was in an apartment complex. The landlord would come and make random inspections and declare lease violations as much as she could. Probably every other month or so she would threaten to evict us and would lose our rent checks. A couple months after we left the apartment complex for the summer we got a legal notice in the mail that we may be entitled to a settlement. The reason being, the landlord was found criminally liable for embezzling over $100,000 from tenants at this apartment complex for over two years,” says Senior Mike Bailey. Now, that’s definitely not a person I would want to share an apartment complex with.

The Stanky Neighbor

“This one girl on my floor doesn’t shower because she has braids of fake hair so they can’t be washed. She takes one shower a week and by the end of the week our hall stinks,” says Freshman Bailey Gibson. Living in East can be a great experience or an absolutely horrible experience. This is a case where it is an absolutely horrible experience. If one person stinks, everyone stinks. They should invest in some nose plugs.

The Clueless Neighbors

“Last year my roommate and I were sitting in our living room watching a movie and we heard this trickling sound. We thought we were going crazy until we turned off the TV and could hear it even clearer. We went into our hallway and there was water pouring down our walls from the ceiling. We ran upstairs and pounded on the door and a guy opened looking very confused. He and his roommates somehow had no idea that their entire kitchen was filled with soap and water overflowing from their dishwasher…even though they were sitting maybe fifteen feet away. As if it wasn’t bad enough, it then happened two more times throughout the course of the year,” says super senior Laura Kennedy. They might be completely clueless but hey at least they were actually trying to clean their dishes.

The next time you are complaining about little annoying things your neighbor does every now and then, take a step back and be grateful for your living situation because it could definitely be SO much worse.

Photo by Danielle D’Angelo

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