Are You A Prada Girl or A Balenciaga Girl?

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Two luxury fashion houses are ruling the fashion industry as of late: Prada and Balenciaga. Celebrity stylists have incorporated the best of these to-die-for brands when styling red carpet looks and appearances, and to say VALLEY is obsessed is an understatement.

New Hollywood celebrities and influencers have been taking social media and the high fashion industry by storm having been enlisted as muses. The verdict is that Prada and Balenciaga are in. If you were to live vicariously through celebrities styled in custom pieces, would you be styled in Prada or Balenciaga?

Prada: Sweet and Feminine

If you are classy, timeless and feminine, you would make a perfect muse for Prada.

There’s no better fit for the face of Prada’s Spring/Summer 2022 campaign than someone like “Euphoria” actress and model Hunter Schafer. Her style has range — she can rock everything from preppy to punk chic, two genres Prada loves to experiment with.

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If you see yourself in Schafer’s style, you may see yourself in Prada. Schafer is a great representation for women out there who embrace their femininity through being classy with a bit of cutting edge. Like her “Euphoria” character Jules, Schafer is energetic and vibrant. Schafer’s red carpet looks, though, shows off her softer side.

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Reigning Queen of TikTok Charli D’Amelio has been styled in Prada for her red carpet debuts on several occasions. D’Amelio has made a name for herself in Hollywood as one of the most impressive teenagers of her time.

Her image as a sweet and innocent teen star has made her a perfect fit for Prada. Her Prada looks are timeless, modest and age-appropriate, making her look high-fashion and stylish without being overly sexualized. Though she is quite accomplished, she is still just 17 years old.

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Plus, Prada’s designs totally fit her fresh-faced, bubbly vibe.

Balenciaga: Edgy and Bold

If you are someone who is always seeking the next major craze and isn’t afraid to be daring, you may be a Balenciaga girl.

Kim Kardashian and Alexa Demie have been two of Balenciaga’s greatest muses this year. The two incredibly powerful women are trendsetters who exude confidence, making them a perfect fit for a brand like Balenciaga.

One thing Balenciaga isn’t afraid of indulging in is bright colors. Cyan blue is one color that is extremely trendy right now and VALLEY predicts that it will surely continue into the summer months.

Kardashian rocked a stunning piece from the Spanish luxury brand’s most recent collection at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party.

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Kardashian took to Instagram in her best blue Balenciaga piece to flex passing the California Baby Bar exam. If you’re looking to spark a major confidence boost and spice up your wardrobe to incorporate some edge, you should consider drawing inspiration from Balenciaga’s latest FW22 collection.

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Alexa Demie is also a major “it girl” right now. Her personal style earned her some major attention in the fashion industry, especially catching the eye of Balenciaga.

It seems as though Demie is always making a statement through her fashion choices; the statement being, “I am the moment.”

A lot of Balenciaga’s latest pieces incorporate full-body latex or satin looks, usually without any print or design, and sunglasses are a must. Unlike Prada, Balenciaga embraces brighter colors and neons, as seen in Demie’s head-to-toe green Balenciaga look for the “Euphoria” Season 2 premiere.

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Still trying to decide if you’re a Prada or Balenciaga girl? Here’s a hint: if you find yourself gagging over Lexi Howard’s adorable Miu Miu pieces in “Euphoria”, you may be the perfect Prada muse. If you’re someone who regularly shops online at Jaded London or Danielle Guizio, you may be a Balenciaga girl.

Whose muse would you be? Let us know on Twitter @VALLEYmag!


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