Active Campus: Get moving in Sunny Valley

‘Tis the season of happy tweets and sunny muploads. A lovely warm front has followed spring breakers back into the valley, and everyone’s outside and flaunting the fun via social media.

Even with the new-and-improved CATA buses, walking to class is clearly the choice over any sort of vehicle transportation. From sunbathing to evening jogs, Penn Staters just can’t get enough of this weather. So, I thought, why not ask the Valley staff what they’re up to?

To my surprise, I received an overwhelming amount of answers pertaining to people watching. Though they didn’t sign an anonymity agreement, I’ll protect their identities. To be fair, the people-watching responses were usually coupled with an attempt at studying and a refreshing beverage like iced coffee, a smoothie or a drink from Café 210. I guess we all do it.

Don’t be creeped out, though. Maybe our staff will spot you doing something deserving of a feature on this site. After all, your trendiest outfits come out in the spring, don’t they? Or maybe you take an unusual pet (like a pig) for walks?

Thankfully, many Valley members do partake in activities a little more invigorating than lounging around and scoping the scene from behind oversized sunglasses.

“I enjoy practicing outside with my African dance team, Nommo. It’s liberating to dance to the beat of the drums in such a sunny and open space.” – Manouska Jeantus, staff writer

“Playing pick-up volleyball in Pollock quad!” – Leah Polakoff, staff writer

“I’m not super outdoorsy, but the only thing I do for now is strolling downtown. If I have a ton of free time, I take different paths than the usual College Ave., checking out a few shops.” – Kasumi Hirokawa, staff writer

“I like exploring State College with long walks when it’s nice outside!” – Noelle Mateer, entertainment editor

Spend every possible second outside because spring semesters that are this beautiful this early don’t come around every year. Spread out a towel and study up on the lawn, then get moving. Use the volleyball, tennis and basketball courts. Throw around a Frisbee or football. Some of your best memories of college are sure to be made while taking advantage of the temperature, and you can get fit while making those memories, without the gym.

Photo by Rhiannon Hedrick

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