A Guide to Finding That Perfect Sundress

Summer is finally here, which means your calendar is packed with exciting plans. You’re taking trips to the shore with your girlfriends, going to the city for a night out, or staying close to home for more casual plans. Having plans all summer comes with the worry of running out of outfits to wear, especially if pictures are being taken– you definitely don’t want to be an outfit repeater on Instagram. If you’re constantly looking for that simple, yet ideal go-to summer outfit with endless styling options, start investing in some sundresses.

Sundresses are comfortable, easy and incredibly versatile. They are perfect for almost every occasion and help to combat the heat with their loose, flowy silhouette. Valley has compiled a list of the trendiest sundresses this season, so you never have to worry about repeating an outfit again.

The Denim Off-the-Shoulder Dress

If you weren’t already aware, denim is “in” right now. It’s one of those universal fabrics that can be paired with anything (including more denim). Denim off-the-shoulder dresses can be worn so many different ways and are great for daytime or even a night out. Try pairing with lace-up sandals for a more casual occasions or chunky heels and a long necklace to dress up the look.

The Floral Maxi Dress

Go through any girl’s closet, and you can be sure to find a floral maxi dress in there. This trend has recently come back because maxi dresses are easy to throw on for a long day of work or just running errands on a hot day. They’re comfortable, yet cute, and can make you stand out in a crowd of solid colors.

The T-Shirt Dress

T-shirt dresses are the most comfortable outfit for a summer day. They are dressier than shorts, yet still casual enough for daytime.

“T-shirt dresses are super light and airy,” says sophomore Bridget Horan. “It’s nice to be able to throw on something stylish and comfortable and look cute doing it!”

They’re best for wearing to class or while walking around the city all day to keep cool.

The Printed Shift Dress

Similar to t-shirt dresses, shift dresses are perfect to wear for beating the heat. They’re loose enough so that you won’t be uncomfortable while wearing it all day. They also can easily be paired with a pair of Converse or slides for an effortless, trendy look.

Whichever sundress fits your taste, Valley knows that you’ll cruise through the summer in style.