How to Make Your Outfit Shine on the Fourth of July

Aside from Memorial Day and Labor Day, the staple holidays that signify the beginning and end of the summer, nearly everyone looks forward to the Fourth of July. The holiday is meant for an entire day spent at the beach, attending family barbecues or going to the nearest park or open area to watch fireworks. However, no holiday is ever complete without the right outfit. Valley is here to give you some tips on how to really make your wardrobe shine on the Fourth of July.

Stray From Combining Red, White and Blue Garments

Many people tend to go overboard with the Fourth of July color scheme when dressing for the occasion. While the three colors complement each other, it may be in your best interest to choose one color and dress it up with patriotic accessories. You can never go wrong with a solid white dress, as it does go with everything. Try pairing it with red jewelry and navy shoes. Now, that’s an outfit that will stand out in a crowd!

Don’t Be Afraid to Show Your Pride, Though

If you’re one of the lucky ones that can pull off wearing multiple colors, then go for it! There could be nothing wrong with wearing red, white and blue, as long as the colors are paired fashionably. A great combination would be a light blue tank top, plain white denim shorts and a pair of red flats to tie the outfit together.

What About a Day at the Beach?

You’ve more than likely scanned every bathing suit aisle at every department store to find a bathing suit to wear to the beach. You’ve probably also noticed that each of those aisles is stacked with American flag bathing suits just for the holiday. Don’t give in to the temptation of buying that swimsuit! Try your best to be different and look for a solid red, white or blue bathing suit, or even go for a patterned one. You can even get colored sunglasses if you want to tie in all three colors.

Speaking of Accessories…

Remember those red, white and blue, Fourth of July-themed sunglasses you’ve probably owned since when you were younger? Bring them out from storage and wear them again! Holiday-themed accessories are always fun to wear when trying to put your own flare on your plain outfit. These accessories are almost always put on display at the front of any department store when the holiday weekend rolls around.

The Fourth of July is always a fun holiday to go all out with your outfit choices, so Valley knows that you’ll be able to make any article of clothing spark in your own way.