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With fall quickly approaching, it’s time to take out the fall wardrobe! But here at VALLEY, we don’t mean just any fall wardrobe. We’re going back to the ’90s. The ’90s was an iconic decade for fashion, and there are many iconic and staple pieces that have been cycling their way back into the fashion industry. The 90’s fashion covered everything from preppy looks, to relaxed, casual grunge looks. Needless to say, there was something for everybody. From hair ties, hair clips, mom jeans and Doc Martens, VALLEY is here to help you incorporate the 90’s back into your fall 2020 wardrobe.  

Starting off, we have the flared and wide-leg jeans. In the ’90s, oversized was the look. Jeans were fitted at the waist, and then loose-fitting near the ankle. This was the go-to look, whether going for parachute pants, straight-leg, wide-leg, or more of a flare. Popular brands were Levi’s and Wrangler, and women would dress the jeans up or down. Being oversized allows for a comfy fit, which is perfect for the circumstance we are in, as you can still style a cute fall 90’s inspired outfit and still be comfortable.  

Next, we have oversized jackets and blazers. These pieces are essential and easy to put together. When going for oversized jackets, many women went for windbreakers, which had a pop of color to finish off an outfit. They are easy to style, as women in the ’90s would throw them over a basic t-shirt with jeans. Some notable brands were Nike, Reebok, and Asics. Oversized jean jackets completed any look and have already made their way back into 2020 fashion. 

As for blazers, the favorite pattern was plaid, and in the ’90s women went more loose-fitting. They would pair them with jeans and a belt or dresses to spice up a look. If going for more of a preppy look, women would style a pantsuit look or wear the blazer with a matching skirt. Long-blazers were also a way to incorporate that oversized blazer look while staying warm as the weather got cold.  

Leather jackets were also a staple during the ’90s. Women would rock the edgy and grungy look, incorporating the jacket with jeans, a tee, and some platformed shoes. Overall, the common theme here would be to buy oversized jackets. They look cute, and you can pair them with anything! 

If you’re going for more of a feminine look, women during the ’90s loved to wear slip dresses and maxi skirts or dresses. Maxi dresses were styled alone or with a t-shirt underneath, and when dressing them up, women would wear them with some strappy low heels. If going for the grungy look, they would wear Doc Martens. Maxi skirts were usually paired with a simple crop top or an oversized sweater. 

They could always be styled with an oversized jean jacket for those cooler days. When stars would step out to a classy function or red carpet, they would style a silky slip dress with strappy heels. This look would look good for a night out. Simplistic yet elegant! 

The last essentials for clothes were crop tops and oversized sweaters. Women would most often wear cropped tops with high-rise jeans and could layer them with oversized jackets. Oversized sweaters were often paired with jeans and Docs for a casual, comfy look. 

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Onto shoes! The quintessential shoes at the time were none other than Doc Martens. They can be paired with any outfit and complete any look. The most common style worn were leather boots. During the ’90s, platforms were in. These shoes were durable, kept your feet warm and were styled with jeans, dresses, or skirts. To add to the look, you could also wear ruffled socks. Some other shoes were Classic Reeboks and Nike Air Force’s. 

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Accessories were essential. During the 90’s you would find women wearing big belts to add detail and style to a basic outfit. Women also went for gold jewelry accents, whether that be earrings, necklaces or rings. For hair, women would always go for a ponytail or half-up look with scrunchies. They were very versatile and added color to any outfit. Claw clips were used by simply twisting the hair and clipping to the back of the head or for half-up looks.  

Some iconic inspiration for all these styles were often set by celebrities and TV shows at the time. Beverly Hills 90210 was a 90’s drama TV show attracting the attention of many teens and young adults. The main actors Jennie Garth, Tori Spelling, and Shannen Doherty rocked the iconic 90’s looks, wearing blazers, oversized jeans, Doc Martens, and big belts. Their outfits would set the standard for fashion, and always had unique touches. 

Shows like Saved by the Bell and Friends were other 90’s shows that set the standards for fashion. Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox wore straight-leg jeans, overalls and crop tops, and rocked the red carpet with their 90’s blowouts, slip dresses, hairclips, and strappy heels. When looking at more preppy fashion, Alicia Silverstone’s iconic yellow plaid outfit in Clueless was loved and become the inspiration for many girly plaid outfits.  Drew Barrymore, Julia Roberts, and Cameron Diaz were other female actresses who rocked ideal 90’s fashion. 

Styling these 90’s pieces today is easy and can be affordable if you shop at the right places. First, VALLEY recommends you start by visiting your local thrift store. We guarantee you’ll find some great pieces if you start by going into the men’s section. Start with large t-shirts and long sleeves, look through the big sweaters, and visit the jacket section for those staple pieces. The women’s section can be good for those long maxi dresses and blazers. 

If you’re looking online, Etsy, ASOS Marketplace, thredUP and Poshmark are great places to shop. You can search for anything you are looking for! If you are willing to pay more money, Depop has more high-end and pricey vintage pieces. Urban Outfitters also creates a lot of 90’s looking pieces and has its line Urban Renewal, which sells vintage fashion pieces.  

Whatever look you hope to achieve this fall, incorporating 90’s pieces is an easy and sure way to spice up your look! 



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