Drawing the Curtain: Curtain Bangs Are Back

Photo posted by @matildadjerf on Instagram

You might have a vague memory of curtain bangs from back around the early 2000s. When you think about 2000s bangs, awkward, harsh bangs that cover too much face and forehead tend to come to mind. Curtain bangs are back in a big way all over social media–something VALLEY never thought would happen, but trust us, they’re kind of amazing.

Photo posted by @matildadjerf on Instagram

When it comes to this curtain bang comeback, VALLEY has to give credit where credit is due. One of the first people to spark this bold new trend is Matilda Djerf. She’s a prominent figure on Instagram who has been wearing these bangs for quite some time. She even shares different ways and tips to style this look throughout her posts and Youtube channel

To avoid your hairdresser botching your bangs, we highly advise you to go prepared with plenty of pictures to show if you decide to try this look. You can scroll through Pinterest or check out the Instagram pages of Matilda Djerf and other influencers.

Photo posted by @70sarchives on Instagram

VALLEY’s best tip for styling these bang is to find your own source of inspiration. You can find inspiration almost anywhere–the best part is this look can be adapted to any vibe you are going for. An easy look to go for is 70s or 80s hair. This can be a fun, new way to try something different with your locks. Farrah Fawcett is one of the most iconic figures to originally sport this look. 

Hair is meant to be played and experimented with and changed with your mood. Curtain bangs can be a fresh new way to switch up your look.

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