7 Penn State Themed Pranks for April Fool’s Day

Posted by Giphy.com

Somehow April 1 is upon us again and you all know what that means — April Fool’s Day. April Fools’ Day can get old as it comes along year after year. This year have some fun with the holiday with Penn State themed pranks.

  1. The various Joe Paterno cut-outs you see around State College always cause a little panic because you think it is a real person watching you. Buy one of those cut-outs, put it standing up in your roommate’s bedroom, and wait for their scream.
  2. Post on Facebook that you will not be returning to Penn State for Fall 2017 and you will be transferring. People will be confused and upset, but all in good fun, right? For added cruelty say that you’re becoming a Buckeye.
  3. Buy a half-gallon of Penn State Berkey Creamery ice cream, empty it into another container and then leave the empty carton in the freezer. Tell your roommates the ice cream is up for grabs and watch the disappointment come across their face when they open it. For added cruelty, make a gross concoction that resembles ice cream and have them go through with eating it.
  4. Send a text to your groupchat that Saquan Barkley just announced he’s transferring. They might cry for a while but it will be funny in the long run.
  5. If anyone has a friend prone to blacking out on Friday nights, this is the perfect April Fools to mess with them. On Saturday, make up ridiculous stories about things they did and what they missed. For example, tell them they missed an insane rally in Beaver Canyon, or that James Franklin showed up to the bar you were at and was taking pictures with everyone.
  6. Text the groupchat that your favorite place to get late-night food is closing. Whether it’s the downtown Sheetz, Canyon, Wingsover or even McDonalds. If it’s the group spot, it will be devastating. To be convincing, find a “this store will be closing” picture on Google and include it in the text.
  7. If you’re looking to blow some cash, buy some Ohio State decorations and spread them throughout your roommate’s bedroom. Post it on snapchat and make sure to expose where their allegiance actually lies.

Have some fun with your roommates, friends and Facebook followers this year. Of course, like everything in State College, make it Penn State themed.