500 Things to Love about Penn State: #497 The Business Building

The Business Building is, hands down, my favorite spot on campus. This is especially lucky for me, considering the fact that I’m an accounting major … so I practically get to live there.

But, whether you’re a business major or not, how could you not LOVE this place? On sunny days, there’s nothing quite like soaking up the sun at one of the many well-located tables surrounded by larger-than-life windows. And nothing beats the comfy sofas with conveniently located outlets to plug in your laptop (the only place where I don’t have to create an obstacle course for people when I have to charge my computer).

As an added bonus, if you happen to stop by around lunch, you can grab a panini of the day or chopped salad at Blue Chip Bistro, which also brews Starbucks coffee. Despite the fact that it’s not an actual Starbucks, they make Frapuccinos (#winning).

Another reason I love the Business Building: free stuff. TONS of free stuff. There is almost always some sort of corporate recruiter staked out in the atrium for the sole purpose of handing out loads of logo-adorned stuff (and maybe to hire a few people…). Anyone need a P&G notebook? How about some free Hershey’s chocolate? My personal favorite: fuzzy Deloitte socks. Seriously, swing by the Business Building once a semester and you’ll never have to buy pens again.

Next time you have a free afternoon or need a chill place to study, take the opportunity to get acquainted with the Business Building. True, it’s a bit of a walk from most parts of campus. But I promise it’s totally worth it once you get there!

Photo by Jill Podhor


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