500 Things to Love about Penn State: #492 Lion Tutors

Because at some point in every Penn State student’s career, there comes a time to embrace the magic that is Lion Tutors. For anyone who’s ever taken ACCTG 211, CHEM 110 or MATH 140, I’m sure that you also share in my absolute love of the bright green packets.

There’s a reason why, come exam day, half of everyone in the room is anxiously flipping through Lion Tutors’ signature packets of notes — because they’re awesome.

It’s college, we’ve all been there. No matter your major, eventually you will have to take a class that might as well be taught in Swahili. It doesn’t matter how often you attend class, how many practice problems you do or how many hours you spend at the library. Getting an A seems almost as attainable as world peace. Enter, Lion Tutors.

For various prices depending on the class and frequency of the review sessions (i.e. Exam Review vs. Weekly Reviews), you can rest assured knowing that someone is about to explain EVERYTHING you need to know for the exam in plain English and give you notes outlining everything they just went over with two practice exams. What more could a student ask for?

Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever been happier to sit down and learn something than my during my ACCTG 211 weekly review sessions at Lion Tutors. I never would have made it through MATH 110 without them either.

Sure, spending anywhere from three to five hours doing nothing but practice problems and intense studying isn’t anyone’s idea of a fun Wednesday evening. But in the end, it’s always worth it.

Needless to say, I love Lion Tutors. If only it existed for my 400-level courses too…

Photo by Jill Podhor

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