Townie Talk: How well do you know downtown State College?

Maybe you’re a freshman and have yet to explore State College. Or maybe you’re a graduating senior and think you know all things Happy Valley. But have you stopped by these downtown spots?

The Cheese Shoppe
234 E. Calder Way 

Choose from a variety of coffees, which the Shoppe’s fans claim to be the best in town. Look closely or you’ll miss it — it’s below street level on the same block as Rotelli.

133 E. Beaver Ave.

OK, technically it’s not open yet. But the old Webster’s (where Jersey Mike’s is now) was a townie favorite, not to mention a paradise of gently used books. Go for the coffee, stay for the unbeatable study spot. Let’s just hope the new one is as cozy as the last.

Kettle Corn Stalls

You’re not a State College expert if you haven’t had kettle corn. Kettle corn stalls pop up at all of State College’s main events — Arts Fest, First Night and Fourth Fest included. It’s cheap and delicious, so go ahead and get a four-foot-long bag. We won’t judge you.

Fresh Harvest Kafé
421 E. Beaver Ave.

Next time you’re headed to Panera, think about trying Fresh Harvest Kafé instead. Fresh Harvest’s fans are hooked on its delicious salads and sandwiches. Try the Waikiki Salad or Asian Chop Chop and even order online at

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