HIMYM: The End of an Era

ent_himym_epk_012314_640x360This Monday marks the end of the 9 year Emmy award winning sitcom How I Met Your Mother. With so many seasons comes millions of fans, and with those fans comes the theories about how the show will end.

HIMYM is known for both its amazing comedic moments as well as the surreal, hits-you-in-the-gut real life ones (Marshall’s dad dying, anyone?), so it comes to no surprise that the end of the show may be a little more bitter than sweet.

The theories range from the probable (The Mother being dead) to the absurd (Ted having multiple personalities in the form of Barney, Marshall, Lily and Robin).   Many people are starting to believe the Dead Mother theory, but not everybody is on board with it.

Devyn Vaughan, a sophomore majoring in elementary education, says “I hate the ‘Mother is dead’ rumors. That’s just super cruel and poor Ted can’t be alone forever.”

Many blogs and entertainment publications disagree and want there to be a shocking ending, but Vaughan says “That would be the worst series finale ever.”

Vaughan says she would like to see Ted and The Mother’s story and hopes that we get to see the famous “Front Porch” test come to life.

There are definitely stranger theories – feel free to entertain yourselves on HIMYM’s sub-reddit page for the few hours we have left before the finale. No matter how it ends, there will be tears shed for the end of an era.

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