11 Penn State Twitter accounts to follow

It’s no secret — Twitter is here to stay. So get your Twitter feed in tip-top shape with these top Penn State Twitter handles.

We know, he’s no longer even that relevant to Penn Staters. But in case you didn’t know, his fake Twitter account is, like, really funny.  He doesn’t tweet every day, but when he does it’s absolutely worth it. Do it for the laughs.

If you think about it, Penn State students do encounter a ton of #firstworldpains. The bus is too crowded? It’s too cold to wear your favorite outfit? Sympathize with fellow Penn Staters by following this account. Sometimes they’ll even retweet your post.

Following Penn State’s student newspaper gives you immediate access to hot campus topics and freshly written articles. If you don’t have time to pick up a Collegian on your mad dash to your first class, Twitter allows you quick access to articles online.

Onward State is another great resource to find relevant Penn State news and commentary. The account’s tweeters do a great job at making sure everything Penn State-related reaches the site’s huge audience.

Following Anna is like following The Daily Collegian’s best girlfriend. It’s a great way to make sure that you’re staying in the loop at Penn State.

If you haven’t seen him around campus or downtown, you probably haven’t left the library for the past few years. Follow him on Twitter for random musings and to make sure you don’t miss a mention of his next boombox appearance.

Dr. Long is a philosophy and classics professor and an associate dean at the College of the Liberal Arts. Not only does he use Twitter frequently, but he tweets about interesting and thought-provoking topics. We all need a little break from reading about the Kardashians every now and then, right?

If you’re interested in what’s going on in the Penn State music scene, follow these guys. They recently partnered with The Lion 90.7 FM (another follow-worthy account).

Yes, it’s true: Penn State’s favorite sociology professor has his own Twitter account. Follow Sam Richards simply for the sheer awesomeness that is a professor who actively tweets all-around interesting information.

The bus is incredibly annoying. Hank the hysterical (and fake) CATA bus driver crafts all of our complaints into hilarious tweets. Next time you’re on an overcrowded loop and think you’re going to die, scroll through of Hank’s posts as a pick-me-up.

For all of those that are legal, following Indigo is just plain fun. Not only do they let you know what’s going on each night, but they retweet students that post about them on Twitter. Score!

Photo by Rhiannon Hedrick


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