500 Things to Love about Penn State: #494 100 Thomas

After having every single one of my classes in Thomas spring semester of my freshman year, Thomas quickly became one of my favorite buildings on campus (mostly because I spent more time there than at my dorm).

At this point, I’m fairly certain that it’s a secret graduation requirement for all students to have at least one class in 100 Thomas. But really, as the largest lecture hall on campus, it’s actually fairly hard to escape Happy Valley without having (at least) one class in this massive room.

With a capacity for 726 students, at the very least you can sit in Thomas and rest assured that a) you probably have a friend in your class b) your professor won’t randomly call on you the second your attention drifts (especially relaxing if it’s your 9 a.m.).

But really. Comfy seats, large desks, ginormous PowerPoint screens (which usually mean you’ll be watching a movie or two) … I’m not complaining. In fact, I wish I had more than one class there this semester.

And did I mention that the seats have outlets in them? Talk about the most convenient thing EVER. Also, even though there are signs plastered all over the entrance that say no food or drinks allowed, you can get away with a Starbucks latte and a bagel every now and then (but you didn’t hear it from me).

As an added bonus, located directly outside of 100 Thomas are (what seem to be known as) the coldest water fountains on campus. That’s right. After enjoying an economics, chemistry or finance lecture, enjoy a nice, refreshing drink from the best water fountains on campus.

Outlets in the seats. Ice-cold water fountains. Cozy chairs. What more could you ask for in life? With so many amenities to offer, it’s no wonder 100 Thomas is clearly the best classroom on campus. 

Photo by Jill Podhor

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