21st Birthday Without the Bars

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With the ongoing pandemic, there have been numerous rules and regulations when it comes to partying and nightlife. The bars are forced to stop serving drinks by 10 p.m., and any gathering must only have a maximum of 10 people. These rules have really thrown a wrench into 21st birthdays, as the usual plans of going to the bars at midnight are now impossible.

VALLEY is here to ensure that you can still have an amazing 21st birthday without the bars.

1. “Bar” Crawl 

If you can’t go to the bars, bring the bars to you! If you have multiple apartments in the same building that would be ideal, but spreading it out in a single apartment could still do the job. The way this works is to set up different areas that will represent popular bars downtown. For example, one corner could be Champs and another corner could be Pickles. At each “bar”, drinks specific to those bars could be served. For example, you can set up pickle juice shots at the Pickle’s area. Make signs and set them up to make each area really look like that specific bar! This is a great way to experience a bar life without actually going. 

2. Take Disposable or Professional Pictures:
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Pulling out a disposable or professional camera to document the night is an instant upgrade from just taking pictures on your phone. The pictures are so fun to look through the next day, and the quality is just so much better compared to a phone. Capturing moments like your 21st birthday party is something that you will always look back on in the future. You can even get creative with it, and maybe even set up a little photo area, with streamers or balloons for a little birthday photoshoot! 

3. Midnight Sheetz Run 
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Actually purchasing alcohol for yourself might be one of the most exciting things when it comes to turning 21. No more having to rely on other people to get drinks for the weekend, you can now do it yourself! Sheetz is still open at midnight, so as soon as that clock reads 12, you can make a trip down to Sheetz and purchase your first drinks legally. It might not seem like much, but it will definitely feel satisfying whipping out your ID when the cashier asks for it and having it say you are legally allowed to purchase alcohol. 

4. Themed Party 

Having a theme will automatically elevate any party. For whoever’s birthday it is, focus on something that is specific to that person and run with it. For example, if someone really likes country music, make the entire night country themed. People could wear cowboy hats and you can play country music all night.

*VALLEY does not support underage drinking. Please remember to always drink responsibly.


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