You’ve Got Mail! Emotions Run High During THON 2018 Mail Call

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The “Sunday scaries” are in full effect in the early hours of the last day of THON. Some dancers are in desperate need of some last minute motivation after being on their feet for what probably seems like an eternity.

Dancers and committee members alike received mail on Sunday from their loved ones. What better pick-me-up than a letter from your parents or friends! Here is what some of the THON participates got when they heard the mail call.

Zach Mahler, a dancer for Alpha Gamma Rho, got letters from his friends that gave him the laugh that he needed. “I’m happy to have people that support me in what I’m doing. I want to be an oncologist when I graduate, so I THON to be able to fight for a cure in my profession,” says Mahler.

Tess Feury, another dedicated dancer, got motivation to last her through not just Sunday, but the entire weekend. “My mom wrote me a letter to open at every hour and that has been what is getting me through THON,” says Feury.

From hysterical laughter to tears of joy, VALLEY saw plenty of emotions after mail call. Michelle Taubman, a Dancer Relations committee member, experienced a mixture of reactions. She received a letter from her mother and sister that brought a smile to her face and tears to her eyes. “My mom just wrote such nice things and I was feeling really lost before that,” says Taubman.

Captains play a huge role in the production of THON, but also need that extra push to finish the weekend on a good (but sore) foot. Communications Committee Captain Mike Palm got many notes and letters from his fellow captains. “I got the letters pretty early, but I’m waiting to read them so that when I’m at my worst they can pick me up,” says Palm while on the floor playing games with the dancers.

It is truly amazing what a simple letter of inspiration can do for someone’s attitude. A reminder to all of us to tell the people you love that you support them in all of life’s struggles.

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