Adventure is Out There: THON 2018 Kids Fashion Show

Photo by @pennstatethon

As the 19th hour crept up on THON 2018, despite the lack of sleep starting to kick in throughout the BJC, the crowd was still buzzing from the orgs in the stands to the dancers scattered across the floor. It was time for the 2018 Kids Fashion Show, with a theme this year inspired by Disney’s Up. Kids began to take the stage, lining up behind a the cut-out of a house with “Adventure is Out There” painted across the front.

The show opened with a video montage of kids showing off their most fun and fashionable looks at the Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital’s 2018 Kids Fashion Show that took place earlier this week.

Then, “BJC we have one question for you. Are you ready for the 2018 Kids Fashion Show? Let’s fly right into it!” And the show began.

The fashion show quickly became a colorful blur of some seriously fashionable kids.

Carly Wilfong, a Four-Diamonds kid, hit the stage and stunned the crowd in a Dalmatian inspired tutu–a white skirt complete with black “spots.”

Rachel Brettler a junior and a member of the Dancer Relations committee, who escorted Carly out onto the runway, shared with VALLEY her thoughts on the fashion show.

“I think it’s a really cool opportunity for kids to get to go on stage and be the center of attention at THON for a little bit,” says Brettler. “They get really excited and the whole crowd gets into it—and it’s really cute how they have paparazzi at the end to take their picture!”

Natalie Biancone hit the runway surrounded by bubbles, sporting head to toe purple from her tiara to her tutu.  Her shiny purple cape with the Four Diamonds on the back completed the look.

Victoria Smith’s fashion risks paid off when her rainbow leggings and matching hair stole the show.

Kimberley Bender took to the stage with her built-in-BFF—her twin sister.  In all pink ensembles, the girls twirled in circles in their fluffy pink skirts. Meanwhile, Jordanlee Waldenberger walked calmly out onto stage, and took the crowd by surprise with a well placed dab at the end of the runway. A true power move.

Samir Norton ran out onto stage and jumped right into a perfectly executed front flip, immediately drawing cheers from the crowd.

Easily the most unforgettable performance of the hour, Daniel Testa and his family took the stage in a huddle, all sporting Eagles’ quarterback Carson Wentz jerseys. The runway quickly turned into the end zone when Daniel popped up from the huddle, caught a perfect spiral and spiked the ball, while every Eagles fan in the crowd (basically the whole crowd) went wild.

When the last of the kids were finished strutting their stuff on stage, “that’s all we have for our wonderful adventure” was announced from the stage, and with that the 2018 Kids Fashion Show was complete.

VALLEY isn’t sure if anyone can top the looks the 2018 kids sported, we’ll be waiting patiently to find out during THON 2019!