Your Guide to Friendsgiving 2017

Friendsgiving: the very best out of every one of the millennial generation’s holidays.  An entire carefree night dedicated to a pre-Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving dinner with all of your closest friends?  We couldn’t ask for anything more.  To make sure you’re Friendsgiving is flawless, VALLEY has answers to all of the most important questions you might ask when it comes to planning a Friendsgiving 2017 for the books.


All you need to know about the guest list is pretty self explanatory.  Call up all of those friends (who are basically family), and to ensure a stress free situation, be sure to keep the potluck sign-up as problem-free as possible. Throw together a quick Google Doc that lists every name, dish and beverage, because it’s all fun and games until three people roll up to the table with mashed potatoes (although we wouldn’t exactly call that a problem).


It’s important to keep in mind that Friendsgiving isn’t your typical family Thanksgiving dinner with a kids table and place settings and way too many questions about your relationship status.  Depending on your crew, Friendsgiving can be as chill as pajama pants and paper plates, or as fancy as heels and decorative centerpieces.  But regardless of what fits your style, it’s important to hit a few key marks when it comes to party planning: the post-dinner plan, the photo ops, and the playlist.

What’s planned for after everyone has cleared their plates of seconds (or thirds) is a huge part in throwing a memorable Friendsgiving, and — yet another thing to be thankful for — the possibilities are endless.  Bust out the board games (like this one that’s ridiculously 2017), hit the backyard for a classic game of football,  or if you’re way too full from all that food, cuddle up with some blankets and binge watch the best that Netflix has to offer.

Pics or it didn’t happen, right?  There isn’t a better reason to take a ridiculous amount of pictures than all of your friends reuniting for the holidays.  Be sure to pick up the perfect Friendsgiving props to make every Snapchat and Insta post scream holiday spirit.

Last but not least, the party’s perfect playlist should be in the hands your friend with the best taste in music, and should always include more than a few middle school throwbacks (think classic Ke$ha)  and some all time favorite Christmas songs (i.e. Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas”) — because everyone knows that Thanksgiving is just a pregame for Christmas.


Whenever!  One of the best things about Friendsgiving is that it all revolves around your group, so regardless of breaks from school or taking off work, everyone will be able to make it to dinner when you’re the ones setting the date.  Be sure to add everyone in a Friendsgiving GM, for the easiest way to plan Friendsgiving dinner on a night when everyone will be home for the holidays.


It’s easy to get caught up in the fun of the party, and to forget about why everyone’s gathered together in the first place.  Friendsgiving is the perfect holiday to reminisce about high school years, laugh about every questionable college decision, mourn the world’s loss of Vine together, so on and so forth.  But bottom line: be sure to dish out not only a whole lot of pumpkin pie, but a whole lot of love too — all for those amazing people that put the friends in Friendsgiving.

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