Throw a Last-Minute Friendsgiving Party on a Budget

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and you and your friends are dying to throw a Friendsgiving party. There’s only one problem: you waited entirely too long to organize this, and you are not sure if you can pull it off.

Don’t fret- Valley is here help you plan this shin-dig to the best of your abilities- your abilities being that you are almost broke and gave yourself one day to plan this. (Not judging.)

So take some notes and get crackin’!

Who to invite

Chances are you won’t have loads and loads of food, so think about keeping it somewhat small. Invite 15 people max, but don’t worry about everyone coming. There is always a couple of people who bail regardless of how long you waited to send out an invite.

How much to spend

After you have a guest list, ask the invitees to give you 10$ for food and supplies. This should be more than enough money to get what you need and give you some wiggle room if people cheap out and don’t pay.

Alternative option: To make your life easier, make a list and have everyone bring one item from it.

Where to shop

Weis or Giant is your best bet for the lowest prices, as long as you have time to drive over there. If you’re a bit tight on time, Mclanahan’s downtown market should do the trick, although it may not be as inexpensive.

What to buy

“I buy mostly frozen foods because they are quick and easy” says graduate student Danielle Phillips.

Frozen vegetables, boxed mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, and any other easy-to-prepare food option will suffice. What about the turkey? you’re wondering. Well, given that turkeys take days to thaw and are not in your budget range, consider a rotisserie chicken. It has the same general look and will cost you a lot less. Besides, everybody loves chicken.  

Remember— You don’t need to go above and beyond. It’s not the time and place for that, a.k.a you’re in college.

Where to have it

Whoever has the biggest apartment. Duh. Push some tables together, light some candles and put some music on to create a relaxed environment for you and your friends.

Now that you have an idea of where to start, send some text messages, buy your food and feast your heart out! Happy Friendsgiving!


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