Working Girls: The Pros and Cons of Working in School

kimberlybartner.workinggirlWorking in college always sounds a little scary. Balancing a job with schoolwork, friends  and other activities seems somewhat impossible. However, a lot of girls work downtown, whether they want to or not.

We popped into a few stores to ask some girls how they felt about working in school.

“I need money,” says Kellie D’Amico, sophomore, “I actually think having a job takes away a lot more of my time.”

D’Amico works as a cashier at McLanahans, and says having a job wouldn’t be a priority of hers if she didn’t feel obligated.

“If I had money floating around, I would not have a job,” she says.

Some jobs don’t offer as much flexibility or variety of tasks as others, and depending on where someone works, they may or may not become easily tired of their part-time job.

On the other side of the spectrum, we interviewed a few girls who are very happy working where they are.

Toni Igbenoba, a junior, works at Access and loves it.

“I kind of wanted to [work], but I had to. It’s a calm environment. I love the clothes and fashion aspect to it, and I love helping people,” Igbenoba says.

“I’ve learned communication with people and working with a diverse group of people as well. We have older people with specific tastes come in, and young people who are easier to persuade,” she says, adding that these skills will benefit her in the workforce after college.

She isn’t the only one who is gaining valuable experience in retail. Jacque Gerrick, a junior, has learned many valuable lessons at Urban Outfitters.

“I tend to shop here, and I have my own style but I also reflect the clothing here. The clothing is so versatile. You can wear it everywhere,” Gerrick says.

Aside from enjoying the clothes in the store, Gerrick likes the experience because she plans on working in the retail business as a career.

“It’s been a positive experience. I get to see how a big company runs,” she says.

Food service experiences can go either way. For Alex Carozzoni, senior, the food service industry is a good fit.

“I’ve had a very positive experience. My major is hospitality and [working here] teaches me good customer-service skills,” Carozzoni says.

Carozzoni also says working helps her prioritize and manage hter time.

“You have to manage school work, working, etc. and in doing that I’ve learned to prioritize my time. I’ve learned good customer service, multitasking, and learning to work with other people.” She says these skills are very relevant to her future career.

When asked if she would still work even if she didn’t have to, Carozzoni says she could indefinitely.

“It keeps me grounded,” she says.

Photo by Kimberly Bartner

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