What Does Your PSU Bumper Sticker Say About You?

Zucker_bumperstickersAs my twin brother and I were driving back to Penn State from a relaxing winter break, we had a not-so-relaxing argument about which Penn State bumper sticker we wanted to buy to put on our car that we share. He wants an official  “The Pennsylvania State University” logo sticker on the back windshield and I want the girly little paw print.

A car is a reflection of your personality and can show off things you like color, brand, etc. Penn Staters love to show off their PSU pride through bumper stickers and car decorations. So the question is, what does your PSU bumper sticker say about you? 

“The Pennsylvania State University” sticker

This sticker shows off that you are a Penn State student, and that’s pretty much it. You’re not looking to be too flashy but it gets the point across that you are, in fact, driving to Penn State on I-80.

Greek Life Stickers

The citizens of the Greek Community have a lot of passion for their brotherhood or sisterhood and love to show it off at Penn State. While the easiest way to “throw what you know” is through sweatshirts and tank tops, many students slap their letters on their car, too.

Penn State tailgating bumper stickers

Everyone who has ever attended a Penn State football game and has gone tailgating has seen this car. It is completely covered with “beat (insert opposing team name here)” stickers and paw prints along with the famous blue and white pom-poms hanging out of the window of the car while blasting music. This type of decorating dedications proves that these people are the dedicated fans who love to support our football team—and they’re probably throwing an awesome tailgate.

PSU Almuni sticker

Sadly, we only have a few of the best years of our life here. Just because you graduate doesn’t mean your Penn State pride fades. Alumni love to show off that they’re a part of the best alumni association in the world. Once a Penn Stater, always a Penn Stater!

Photo by Ashley Zucker


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