Weighing In: Penn State’s Healthy Social Media

Each week, our own fitness fanatic Bethany Shirilla will explore the latest workout crazes, diet fads and dish out tips for healthy living. Managing your schoolwork is tough enough- let us take care of your health.

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Social media expands the accessibility of information right at our fingertips— literally. As a fan of fitness and nutritional apps, I decided to explore Penn State’s health-based Twitter accounts.

The Campus Dining App: Dining@PSU

We’re lucky at Penn State to have such options and variety of on-campus dining facilities. I’ve found that with so many options, making health-conscious decisions about where and what to eat on campus can be overwhelming at times. Although this app is fairly simple in content, it’s extremely convenient. Containing menus for Findlay, North, Pollock, South, West and The Mix dining commons and food districts, it divides daily options into breakfast, lunch and dinner. Menus are also categorized into specific dining common locations, such as The Big Onion, In a Pickle and Bluespoon Market. And for all the late night fans, there’s even a menu for you. Nutritional information is provided for each and every option, which can be stored in a personal food log. My favorite feature of this app is that it includes options for healthy, meatless and vegan diets. For your convenience, each location is linked to Google Maps and lists hours.

Healthy Penn State: @HealthPennState

Healthy Penn State is one of my recently followed Twitter accounts. Its goal is cater to the body, mind and spirit with a holistic approach. A Penn State campus initiative between University Health Services and Campus Dining, Healthy Penn State is constantly featuring healthy options at each dining commons location. I can’t help but to get super hungry and motived to eat healthy after reading these tweets around each mealtime. And instead of going into a dining commons, cluelessly loading my tray with what looks good, Healthy Penn State gives me an idea of what’s actually good for my body. I found doing a bit of research keeps me on track with my nutritional goals. With hashtags, follows and campaigns, Healthy Penn State does a wonderful job of interacting with the student body. Currently, Healthy Penn State is doing a #PSUplate campaign where prizes are offered for picture submissions. I love this Twitter account because it doesn’t just focus on nutritional information, but rather all aspects of wellness.

Penn State Fitness: @PSUFitness

No one knows Penn State Fitness better. This Twitter account is great for frequent updates on schedules, classes and fitness tips specific to Penn State campus. Get notifications about Cycling, Zumba, Power Remix and all fitness classes offered at the White Building. Penn State Fitness encourages campus-wide fitness with free giveaways and specialty classes like Black Light Cycling. Follow @PSUFitness and get moving!

Penn State has gone healthy. From nutrition, fitness and overall wellness, there are several apps and Twitter handles to download and follow. Easy accessibility and constant reminders will help you achieve your goals through encouragement. Take advantage of these free Penn State services!


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