We Are, Taking a Stand: The KDR Scandal

If there’s one thing that Penn State is known for, it’s unity. We come together as a family in times of accomplishments, philanthropy and in recent years we’ve had each others backs during times that weren’t so easy.

Today was no different, but unfortunately what united us was pure anger and disappointment.

At noon today, about 100 students and State College residents gathered on Old Main Lawn to rally against the actions of Penn State’s chapter of the Kappa Delta Rho fraternity. By now it is no secret what these men have done and how their actions are affecting our campus. The purpose of this event was to demand justice for those who were personally victimized by Kappa Delta Rho and all sexual assault victims at Penn State.

Josephine Rose and Lauren Lewis organized the event in only 48 hours and the turnout was astounding. Attendees were extremely enthusiastic with many of them taking the time to make signs for the event and chanting throughout its entirety. Members of the crowd held signs that said “Tear It Down”, “Support the Victims”, and even “F*ck Male Entitlement”.


Speakers included members of Penn State’s Graduate Women’s Studies program, Window of Opportunity, the Centre County Women’s Resource Center, Penn State’s Counseling and Psychological Services, and the Progressive Student Coalition. Both Josephine and Lauren planned to meet with Damon Sims, Vice President for Student Affairs after the rally’s conclusion to hand him a petition to advocate four specific responses. These points of action are to put all current students listed as members of KDR’s private Facebook group on interim suspension until criminal charges have been fully investigated, have all responsible parties be expelled from the university, revoke Penn State’s association with the fraternity, and a proposal to evaluate Penn State’s entire fraternity system.

Attendees of the rally were also encouraged to sign this petition upon exiting. It is clear that students and organizations are demanding a stronger response from Penn State’s administration, and with the way that it’s been handled so far it isn’t quite clear whose side they’re exactly on. Today’s rally concluded with one thing, we are waiting and we are watching.



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