VALLEY’s Spin on the Barstool Pizza Rating

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Earlier this week, our campus was visited by the one and only Dave Portnoy, creator of Barstool Sports. During his time here, Portnoy decided to do one of his infamous pizza reviews, in which he chose to try Canyon Pizza. His rating? 2.8. In light of Portnoy’s visit, VALLEY decided to do their very own take on the pizza rating and go around State College to determine which pizzeria is truly the best.

Day 1: College Pizza
College Pizza

The sauce on this pizza was actually really good. The cheese had a tiny bit of a stretch to it, but not as much as we would have liked to see. The crust was a big soggy and didn’t have much of a crunch to it. There definitely should have been more sauce on the pizza, because the sauce was sweet and was the best part about it. 

VALLEY’s rating: 4.4

Day 2: Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo’s pizza was pretty good. They, as well, had a very good sauce. The sauce-to-cheese ratio on this slice was very good. Monte Carlo was not stingy with their sauce and added the perfect amount.The cheese could have been a little stretchier, and the crust could have been a tad crispier.

Monte Carlo

VALLEY’s rating: 6

Day 3: Margarita’s Pizza
Margarita’s pizza

Margarita’s pizza knows how to make a good slice. The sauce was sweet, and the slice had the perfect sauce-to-cheese ratio. The crust had the perfect amount of crisp and was not overwhelmed by oil. Once again, we would have liked to see some flexibility in the cheese, but this pizza was great.

VALLEY’s rating: 7.8

Day 4: Faccia Luna

Faccia Luna is known for their thin crust bar pie, and it did not disappoint! It was nice to switch it up with a thin slice, as we’ve only seen thick crusts this past week. The cheese had a very nice stretch to it, and while we enjoyed the sauce, we felt that the garlic flavor was powerful and could have been lessened just a tiny bit.

Faccia Luna

VALLEY’s rating: 8.1

Day 5: Snap Custom Pizza

We decided to end our pizza adventure by creating custom pizzas. We created a macaroni and cheese pizza, as well as a margarita pie. They were fantastic! The blend of cheeses on the macaroni in combination with the crust was an unforgettable flavor. The sauce on the margarita pizza was sweet, and the cheese had the perfect stretch!

Snap Custom Pizza

VALLEY’s rating: 9.4

We learned a very valuable lesson this week here at VALLEY. The only way to truly find the perfect pizza is to either create it yourself, or go to New York.


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