Valley’s Pick of the Week: Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Blow Out Cream

0002279691618_500X500Beautiful, voluptuous, healthy hair does not require a $30 salon product – it actually requires a $6 drugstore product.

Organix’s Moroccan Argan Oil Blow Out Cream is every drugstore’s best-kept secret. This hydrating cream will give you all of the benefits of an extravagant salon product, but for a much smaller price. Apply this cream from root to tip before blow-drying your hair for heat protection that yields silky smooth locks. Not only will your hair thank you for keeping it healthy, it will smells like fruits, berries, flowers and everything you want out of life. Seriously. It smells amazing.

Another benefit: it doesn’t make your hair greasy like so many other smoothing serums do. Instead, your hair will flaunt the perfect combination of freshly washed and silky smooth.

Where to find it: CVS on 116 West College Ave.


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