VALLEY’s Penn State Predictions

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With just shy of two months left in 2022, the promise of a new year looms. With that comes a host of unanswered questions and possibilities. What will the rest of 2022 bring? What can Penn State students count on?

Penn State Football

VALLEY predicts a mixed ending of wins and losses for the Penn State football season. Fans can expect a resurgence in Penn State’s determination to beat opponents in Beaver Stadium, but maybe not the streak of wins the Penn State community is hoping for. Penn State’s final home game will take place on Nov. 26 against Michigan State. VALLEY encourages students to show out to the games with friends regardless of the outcome and have a good time. 

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Campus and Downtown Life

VALLEY predicts a variety of holiday-themed festivals and free campus events. There’s always something happening on campus, and what better way to celebrate the transition from fall to winter with food, performances and seeing what downtown businesses have to offer. Penn State students should keep an eye on the HUB-Robeson Center in the coming weeks. 

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Campus Fashion Trends

VALLEY predicts a rise in the popularity of all things cozy, including cropped puffer jackets, low-cut UGG slippers and mock neck sweaters. UGGs are nostalgic, comfortable and easy to pair with nearly every outfit. Penn State can expect to see elements of eclectic knitwear and statement jackets on their fellow Penn Staters. 

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VALLEY predicts that this year’s THON total will be record-breaking in more ways than one. With most COVID-19 restrictions largely phased away on campus, the possibility for fundraising has increased considerably. THON has announced its 2023 theme as “Foster the Magic”, and student organizations have already been actively participating in THON’s fundraising efforts. 

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Pop Culture

VALLEY predicts at least one more iconic celebrity couple breakup, the announcement of Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) and a celebrity sighting in State College. Penn Staters will surely be listening to some more Taylor Swift before the year is out. As a connecting state between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, State College often acts as the host to some big names in music and comedy. Will Carrie Underwood be spotted placing an order at Bagel Crust? We’ll just have to see. 

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The News

VALLEY predicts that Penn State will make national headlines before the year is up. Whether it be academics, sports or a student creating buzz, there’s bound to be something that Penn State will be recognized for. After all, we did make SNL for a Taco Bell vigil in early 2020.

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