Bras vs. Bralettes: The Battle of the Bra

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When it comes to bras, the selection is limitless. From the push-up to the lacy tee-shirt bra, every girl has one staple in her life that she wears constantly. The bralette has taken over the lingerie scene due to the “no bra” feel that many women are totally feeling.

Many girls may become overwhelmed when bra shopping trip because of the massive amount from which to choose. VALLEY is here to educate you on the difference between the bralette and the standard bra we have all come to love and hate

A bra consists of underwire and two cups that come in a variety of size and are typically worn for support. While stores like Victoria’s Secret have created some of the sexiest and softest bras known to women, there are still complaints of the bras feeling uncomfortable, heavy and tight. While the bra is one of the oldest underwear pieces worn by women dating back to the early nineteen hundreds, many feel it is time for a change.

The bralette is wireless and usually does not provide padding in the cup area. The bralette is seen as a more comfortable option for those who want more shape rather than support. Bralettes used to just be worn by younger girls or women who did not have a busty chest; however, women with a variety of chest sizes began to wear bralettes as a fashion staple or just because they are super light weight and breathable. While the bralette has been around for centuries, it has become more prevalent in today’s fashion era as many see the undergarment as promoting the “free the nipple” campaign and body positivity.

VALLEY wanted to gather the opinions of Penn State students on which they prefer: bra or bralettes?

Sophomore Jaspreet Ghuman says she prefers bralettes because they’re more comfortable and they look cuter with tank tops and certain outfits.

“Bras, especially push up ones, tend to hurt at the end of the day, feel too tight, and leave marks on my body because of how tight they are, but bralettes have never given me that problem. And with bralettes, I’ve never had the problem of straps falling off my shoulders,” says Ghuman.

Junior Taylor Harris has a different opinion.

“I definitely prefer bras,” says Harris. “I like the feeling of having support. I don’t like the feeling of not having any padding.”

Freshman Morgana Staba is team bralette.

“Bralettes all the way,” says Staba. “You can fall asleep in them, wear them with a sweatshirt and look very cute. Also, you can wear them for show, and they look good with literally any outfit. Also way more affordable usually than regular bras.”

VALLEY’S own writer Mary Joyce sides with the other bralette lovers.

Bralettes because they’re so much more comfortable, and you can wear them underneath literally anything and still look cute,” says Joyce.

So, VALLEY babes, are you team bralette or team bra?


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