Valley’s View: The African Students Association

There’s nothing we love more than to see students taking advantage of the many culturally unique opportunities here at Penn State.

The African Students Association (A.S.A) is an organization founded on the mission statement, “to unite the sons and daughters of the Motherland and all those concerned with it’s welfare.” Once annually,  the members of the A.S.A host the event Touch of Africa. (To be held this Saturday, April 6th in the Bryce Jordan Center with the 2013 theme “Africa ALIVE!”) It’s purpose is to showcase traditional dance, music, food, art and fashion, in addition to celebrating the overall African culture.

At a recent photo shoot, Valley had the chance to meet a few members of the African Students Association. As each image is a fashionable representation of an individual country’s culture and heritage, we share with you our interpretation of a little touch of Africa.



The Maasai people are among the best known of African ethnic groups in East Africa. Renowned for their distinct red ‘Shukas’ (Swahili word for sheets) and colorful beads, they lead a traditional lifestyle centered on cattle farming in the northern plains of Tanzania.


In Cameroon, hardworking women awake at dawn to fill pots with water to cook and clean for their families. They are the driving force in every Cameroonian household.


Representing the royalty of the beautiful Ondo state of Nigeria. A state rich and well endowed with great culture and heritage. This scene is a representation of the head of kingdoms and ancestral authorities.


The people of Liberia are the epitome of power and freedom. The first republic in Africa and the first African nation to elect a female president- President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.


The Diamond of Africa, Sierra Leone is known for many beautiful things including its young women. They strive to maintain their households and gain part. Bowties by NikkiBillieJean.


The word Ghana means ‘Warrior King’, a name derived from the ancient Ghana Empire. The largest tribe in Ghana, the Ashanti, are known for their gold riches, hand woven Kente cloth, and militaristic power.


The Gambia is also known as the smiling coast of Africa. Filled with welcoming and friendly people, The Gambia is a favorite tourist attraction due to their luxurious beaches.

Photos by Jillian O’Brien


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