Valley Pick of the Week: Wicked Good Slippers

imagesIf your feet are craving a little TLC, look no farther than your mother’s L.L.Bean catalog. Gone are the days where this all-American brand represented a plethora of monogrammed backpacks. Instead, L.L.Bean has become known for their other products, like Wicked Good Slippers.

As a devoted fan to Wicked Good Slippers, I have to say—they’re just that, wicked good. Take one step in these soft, shearing, moccasins and you’ll understand how they earned their name.

The popularity of these shoes has recently taken a leap, creating what some consider a cult following. Year after year, the slippers continue to sell out around the holiday season, only increasing their demand.

“I got my first pair five years ago and have bought a new pair each year since because they’re just super practical and comfy,” says junior Rachel Lewis.

L.L.Bean has taken advantage of recent customer feedback to improve their design, adding more cushioning, a better fit and a thermoplastic rubber outsole. New additions to the collection ensure sustained wear-ability, versatility and also include men and children’s styles.

Five different colors options give you the freedom to be fashionable and allow the wearer to be comfortable and stylish.

“I have the natural color, and they’re perfect for lounging around and staying warm. Plus, they have a lifetime warrantee,” says Lewis.

Easy to slip on and reasonably priced at $69, these moccasins deserve your attention. Indulge yourself this season and pickup a pair of L.L.Bean’s Wicked Good Slippers—the next best thing in any collegiate’s winter wardrobe.

Where to find them: L.L.Bean 

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