Trick or Trend: SPOOKtacular Group Costumes

Photo courtesy of Tara Petak

Halloween is fast approaching so grab your friends and your spookiest costumes! There’s nothing better than dressing up for the festivities with your friends, just ask sophomore PR major Alexa Turkovich. “Group costumes are fun because each individual adds their own style to the costume idea,” says Turkovich.

If it’s down to the wire and you’re still not sure what you and your girls are gonna be, no worries! Valley has some fresh ideas for you and your friends!

Spice Up Your Life

OK, so you’ve definitely seen the Spice Girls out on the town other Halloweens, but Valley‘s version has a bit of a twist. You and your girlfriends can still be creative while being the ‘Spice Girls.’ Dress up as your favorite spice, from nutmeg to chili or pepper to cayenne your Halloween will certainly be flavorful!

Surfing the Web

Try getting techy this Halloween by dressing up as Internet browsers! You and your friends can dress up to portray all of the Internet browsers — Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.

Dress like a nerdy fox for Firefox or channel a cute compass theme for Safari. And of course, someone will have to dress as the ever-frustrating rainbow wheel. It may be one of the most annoying things that can happen, but it’s definitely funny and a great conversation starter. Plus it’ll look super cute in pictures.

Keeping Up

This year, you and your “sisters” can band together to dress up as the Kardashian clan. Pull out your finest wear and be America’s most talked about family. Go for some thigh-high boots, a tight black or neutral toned ensemble, and some lipstick to really sell the look!

Jungle Cats

Get wild this Halloween in some jungle attire. That’s right, we’re telling you to bring out the leopard, cheetah and snakeskin. Complete the look with fun lipstick, try black for a Halloween statement and animalistic vibe.

Outta this World

Grab your metallic gear and sparkly makeup, aliens are invading State College! Not the most original, but definitely cute and fun, alien and Zenon Z3 costumes are an easy must. Mix it up with some galactic space buns or some temporary bright hair color.

If you’re not looking to spend your money on a bunch of metallic that will sit in your closet until next Halloween, try wrapping a normal skirt in aluminum foil. Finish the look off with some fun neon makeup and metallic silver nails!

Crayon Box

You and your friends can Halloween #tbt it all the way back to kindergarten! Dress head to toe in a color of the rainbow (aka crayon box), you and your friends will be the most colorful at any party. Add a pointy hat that resembles the top of a crayon to really sell the look. Don’t forget to complete this costume with monochromatic makeup that matches your crayon color.

Choose one of the costume ideas above and make it your own. Sometimes the last minute looks are the best, especially when you’re with your friends! Happy Valloween!