Sexy Costumes to Avoid This Halloween

We are less than a week away from #Halloween2016 and the clock is ticking for those of you who have yet to figure out your costume. Whether you’re into sexy costumes or not, Valley has a few tips of looks to avoid this year. It’s also important to keep in mind it’ll be a bit chilly this weekend and it’s possible to look hot without baring all. So, here’s a list of costumes to avoid this Halloweekend!

Sexy Harambe


We all knew it was coming, we just didn’t want to admit it. It seems as though costume distributors today are pushing socially acceptable boundaries, fighting to stay on an equilibrium between social relevancy and pure provocative attire. Harambe, the Cincinnati Zoo gorilla who was fatally shot earlier this year, was one of the most popular memes of 2016. Thousands of people have “paid tribute” to the gorilla by creating twitter accounts in his honor, petitioning for tropical storms to take his name, and now this.

At the best you’ll get some laughs but at the end of the day this costume makes light of a real tragedy, and where’s the fun in that?

Sexy Poop Emoji Filter


Filed under the “Two Words That Should Never Be Grouped Together” category is where we believe the designer’s got their inspiration for this emoji inspired Sexy Poop costume. First off, out of all the emojis readily available for fun and cute costume ideas (unicorns anyone??) this has to be the biggest stretch of them all.

Why anyone would voluntarily spend their Halloween explaining that they are in fact dressed as “sexy poop” is a question we haven’t quite figured out the answer to, but we do have a helpful list of other emoji costume ideas that do not involve scantily-clad feces that can be viewed here. Thank God.

Sexy Finding Nemo


We may be in the minority here, but when thinking of sexy costume ideas there are two things that do not come to mind: children’s animated characters and fish. If there was ever a niche market for both of those things, then this costume would fly off the shelves but until then, we advise trying something else.

Although sometimes the juxtaposition between a classically ‘cute’ character and a sexy approach can create a really fun and awesome costume, this just isn’t that time.

Sexy Undecided Voter


There’s a sexy Trump, a sexy Hillary, and now we have a sexy Ken Bone. After his debut at Oct. 9’s debate in St. Louis, Bone has successfully stolen the hearts of thousands of Americans, and apparently the minds of costume designers.

While dressing like the undecided voter has the potential to be a huge hit at Halloween parties this year, we can’t get behind the sexy nature of this costume. Most of Ken Bone’s attraction came from his modest and whole-hearted demeanor so why rob a costume of that same appeal? If you really want to dress as the internet sensation for Halloween why not do so by staying warm (yes please!) in an actual red pull over like this one here. It’s a costume Ken Bone would be proud of, and what more could you want?

Sexy Cry Baby


There’s a lot to say about this Sexy Cry Baby costume but what repeatedly comes to mind is “no.” If your goal is to make fellow Halloween party-goers as uncomfortable as possible then maybe this is the right choice. If not, there are plenty of other sexy, age-appropriate costumes that won’t attract the creeps this season. So keep looking, we promise you can do better than a sexy baby.

For those of you who are going for a more casual look this Halloween, Valley recommends checking out Urban Outfitters downtown on College Ave for a great collection of Halloween inspired apparel that range from cute to spooky!