Townie Talk: The superior Waffle Shop (and it’s not downtown)

Confession: I never ate at the downtown Waffle Shop until college. I never wanted to eat there before college. Actually, I still don’t want to eat there.

True, they have the best waffles downtown. But if you limit your breakfast options to College and Beaver, you’re missing out. Know this indisputable townie fact: the North Atherton Waffle Shop is better.

I know, I know. Who am I — a middle-aged New Yorker claiming to know where the best New York pizza is? But trust me. The minute you step inside the North Atherton outlet, you’ll understand.

First off, it’s bigger. There are cozy booths lined up along a row of wide windows. Then there’s the atmosphere — cheery and bright. It’s like you’re swimming in a warm cup of coffee. Welcome to the world of breakfast.

If you haven’t stepped foot in any Waffle Shop, then what have you been doing? The Waffle Shop is a State College tradition. Waffles may have given the restaurant its name, but people line up for its pancakes, omelets and homefries just the same. The Shop serves freshly squeezed orange juice and arguably the best coffee in town. Not to mention, it’s all affordable.

So, when you’re looking for a cute way to catch up with friends, suggest a lunch date at this charming eatery. Just beware if it’s a weekend — there’s bound to be a line.

Photo by Sam Florio

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